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As if we didn't have enough SH * T in the world yet, a new complication has now added.


An asteroid is on its way to Earth.

It will reach Earth on November 2 this year.

That's 24 hours before the US Presidential election takes place.

When the asteroid hits Mother Earth, it causes a new Ice Age, because of the dust it will stir up.

The calculations indicate that the space rock has a good chance of reaching the globe and in any case skipping it close to it.

Now there are those who claim that the asteroid story has been staged and that there is simply a missile strike in the works, which will be eliminated in the books as an asteroid impact.

This is to prevent Trump from being re-elected.

The asteroid is moving at a speed of seven kilometers per second.

This is also called: Warp speed.

Isn't that just coincidental the name of Donald Trump's covid vaccination program already announced for next fall?
Operation Warpspeed ?!

2018VP1 is the official name of this star-like disaster stone.

The prospects are that at best, the star-like one will burn up in the atmosphere.

This will produce a mighty beautiful firework.

The 7 kilometer wide asteroid Apophis is also on its way to Earth as announced in the Bible under the name Wormwood, but is not expected until seven years from now.

With a 1 in 204 chance that 2018VP1 will wipe out the White House in 2020, we can postpone the panic for a while.

Que sera sera ...

Since last night, 2018VP1 has already come 163.000 km closer.

Check here where he is now:

750.000 asteroids are being targeted and our little friend 2018VP1 is number 3 on the most wanted list.

Lars von Trier's 'Melancholia'

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