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King Willem Alexander: “Corona? Fakenews, huh! ”

Striking statement by King Willem Alexander during a photo session.

Too crazy to behold with special boxes to keep a meter and a half away for the press and photographers.

It really is not a face and it goes beyond any logic. The Dutch people are walking around like crazy people.

The King's comment: "Corona? Fake news, huh. Haha ”, is striking and inappropriate on all fronts.

For the sheep who believe that this is about the most violent she has ever happened to, although they have never experienced COVID19, like 99,97% of the country.

For those who know that an entire country has been destroyed, the elderly have literally been exterminated and we will never get our old lives back because of this fake pandemic.

Share and like as much as possible! This is how we break through censorship together!

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