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Schwab Genealogy & History

Schwab is a location-specific German name, first given to someone who lived in the medieval Duchy of Swabia in southwestern Germany, now Bavaria. This region owes its name to the Germanic tribe of the first century BC that was given the Latin name Suebi or Suevi. The Schwab family history was first recorded in Franconia and Mecklenburg and includes Ulrich Schwab, the first Earl of Nemerow. Variations on the spelling include Schwab, Schwebel, and Swab. American Schwab genealogy began around 1700 in Pennsylvania and includes financier Charles Schwab.

However, many Jews settled in Swabia and adopted the name, which is why it is mistakenly seen as a Jewish name in some areas.
That also played a historical role in an event that shapes our lives today.
A certain Jewish woman became involved with Schwabs who eventually came out as Nazi collaborators and Holocaust profiteers. And Klaus became…


Read here (where all links and references are)



Michael McKibben of Leader Technologies and his group of researchers have a DEEP DIVE into the history and lineage of Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum . In this audio, he shares their shocking discoveries with Douglas Gabriel of AIM4Truth.





Our discoveries about Klaus Schwab should prove conclusively that WEF is completely fraudulent and an enemy of all humanity.

WEF meets in Davos, Switzerland at the beginning of February each year to map out their dystopian plans. We will show below that it is criminal, inhumane fraud. We will also show that Klaus Schwab is a sociopath with pathological maternal problems.

We have learned from these corrupt biographies that the information they hide  always  very instructive for their true characters.

Schwab's hometown - Ravensburg, Germany - was the first German city to practice eugenics (killing "useless eaters")

Ravensburg was a transportation hub for stolen Nazi gold to the Swiss Bank for International Settlements run by Pilgrims Society spies Allan W. Dulles (later CIA director, 1953-61), Edwin W. Pauley (Allied Reparations), and William J Donovan, director of the OSS (MI6-controlled predecessor to the CIA-Dulles' boss)

Schwab's family business, Escher Wyss, exploited slave labor and Allied prisoners of war, manufactured key technologies for making atomic bombs for Adolf Hitler and South Africa, sold Swiss flamethrowers to the Nazis, and was proclaimed a National Socialist model enterprise by Adolf Hitler.

Schwab's company Escher Wyss was protected not only by Hitler, but also by Switzerland, Britain and America, making Schwab a criminal foreign meddler in every way



Klaus' mainstream media and academic propagandists have his Nazi past hidden in a plethora of awards, WEF programs, haunted books, speeches, interviews, honorary professors and doctorates from around the world.

AFI researchers have called Klaus "old sourpuss" because he hardly ever smiles. Now we know why. He knows he's an impostor – a circus barker who grew up with a silver spoon in his mouth whose heart has nothing good to share with the world.

Klaus also hides that his biological mother was Jewish.

In his just published propaganda  Stakeholder Capitalism  (Wiley, NY: 2021), Klaus wrote on the dedication page that his mother was Erika Epprecht. (“To my parents, Eugen Wilhelm Schwab and Erika Epprecht, who taught me first hand the value of education, collaboration and the stakeholder principle”). This is a bold lie.


Klaus and his older brother, Hans Ernst, were born respectively as the son of  Eugen Wilhelm Schwab  en  Emma Gisela Tekelius Schwab (born Kilian)  in Ravensburg (March 30, 1938) and Karlsruhe (October 13, 1927).

Hans Ernst did not disown their Jewish mother Emma as his brother Klaus did. On December 9, 1938, Emma Schwab emigrated to the United States as Gisela Schwab, leaving her infant Klaus behind, presumably forever. Was she on the run from Hitler's persecution of the Jews? Possibly. Was Klaus' 50% Jewish blood buried and replaced by a pure Aryan persona? Probably, especially given his and his father's lifelong silence about her.

Wife Erika, on the other hand, was of solid Aryan descent – ​​acceptable to the Nazis. She was from Zurich, born on December 31, 1906, and like Vladimir Lenin, Erika lived just a ten minute taxi ride from Zurich's Escher-Wyss turbine factory campus, according to the 1935 city guide.

Klaus' pretend mother Erika worked in the recruitment of personnel in Zurich. Ravensburg's registry officials were not helpful with Eugen Wilhelm Schwab's birth, marriage, and divorce records, so no records were found of Emma's divorce or remarriage to Erika.

We do see Eugen and Erika traveling to Brazil in 1960, presumably to visit Hans Ernst and Escher-Wyss who Hans managed. Escher-Wyss, now Sulzer AG and Andritz AG, as well as Hilde's Festo AG, all have large footprints in Brazilian industry, then and today.

Since Klaus hides his Jewish mother Emma - and never speaks of her - we can only suspect that even now he suffers from deep-seated separation problems. This raises the question of how this lifelong maternal abandonment has affected his moral and spiritual priorities. Apparently bad.


Klaus' father, Eugen Wilhelm Schwab, was the director of  Escher-Wyss & Co.  in 1938 when Klaus was born in Ravensburg, Germany, and remained with the company as president emeritus until his death in 1982.

Founded in 1805, Escher-Wyss developed unique engineering, manufacturing and performance materials capabilities, focusing on gas turbines, compressors, power generation, heat pumps, hydraulics, ships, thermal and hydroelectric power, and related automation controls.

Klaus has been hiding the Nazi sins of Escher-Wyss throughout his career. They're just now coming into view. A few other researchers seem to have recently unearthed this evidence as well. Much of it is behind  Top Secret-  archives in Switzerland, Germany, Great Britain and the United States – only recently released after more than 90 years of in-human, diabolical oppression.

First At the time of Klaus' birth in 1938, Escher-Wyss had already helped the German government build compressors, turbines and other crucial elements for an emerging nuclear industry (since 1929). So it makes sense that when Hitler came to power, he coddled Escher-Wyss and the Schwabs.

The British propaganda film The Heroes of Telemark out 1965 is about the heavy water factory of the Nazis in Norway. That factory was built by Escher-Wyss.

Second As Klaus grew into the family business Escher-Wyss Schwab, he watched his father Eugen make top secret deals with South Africa to supply the key components for an atomic bomb.

When Klaus graduated from University in Zurich, funded by Escher-Wyss, he was immediately commissioned to handle a 10.000-employee merger between Escher-Wyss and Sulzer AG. The merged company continued to supply nuclear bomb capabilities to South Africa, with Klaus in charge, until 1971 when he established European management, and most likely thereafter.


South Africa was in the process of blocking US nuclear weapons sanctions (obviously a ruse to fool the world public) against Sulzer-Escher-Wyss with the help of Marc Rich, the notorious Swiss fugitive who January 20, 2001 was famously pardoned by Bill Clinton. This fact alone puts Klaus Schwab on the list of accomplices to convicted criminals such as Marc Rich.

CIA filings show that Escher-Wyss and Sulzer were controlled by the US Department of Energy and the State Department. Logically, this would mean that Klaus Schwab was a triple agent, working simultaneously for: (1) the CIA-MI6-UN British-Americans Pilgrims Society, (2) Nazis (now Germany), and (3) Switzerland.

Do we really want a triple lying spy who performs the “Great Reset” and “Build Back Better”?

Thirdly Escher-Wyss was one of the largest employers in Ravensburg, Germany.

Fourth Escher-Wyss was the first city in Nazi Germany to apply eugenic principles to murder "useless eaters" that sprang from the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute (something like the National Institute of Health in the US, or Tavistock Institute in the UK).

Fifth Contrary to the propaganda stories about Ravensburg's lack of war industries (as the reason why the Allies didn't bomb the city and its Escher-Wyss industry), we discovered a lot of Ravensburg's unconfessed sins around the Schwabs and Escher-Wyss.

In addition to parts for ships, aircraft, submarines and power plants, Escher-Wyss brokered in  flamethrowers  which were built in their factory in Zurich and sold to the Nazis. This information is from the US archives. This would have been handled by Eugen Schwab with a then about 5-year-old Klaus by his side. They also supplied turbines, compressors and propellers for Nazi ships and submarines, as well as gas turbines to power the war machine, in addition to their nuclear technology.

Escher-Wyss exploited slave labor (Jewish, Russian, Gypsy, gay, Hungarian, Romanian, Polish), as well as Allied prisoners of war. Being a National Socialist model society, this would certainly have included the biological war crimes of Dr. Josef Mengele ("The Angel of Death").


Escher Wyss today operates under numerous new brand names, including  Andritz AG  en  Sulzer AG . These companies are poised to take huge advantage of the priorities reflected in Klaus Schwab's so-called "Great Reset" including hydropower, plasma turbines, nuclear power, materials science, nuclear weapons, oil and gas, coal, biofuel, paper, food. , robotics, artificial intelligence, finance, patents, pharmaceuticals and more.

Historically, the first (IBM) punched card readers, also known as Hollerith machines, were first manufactured by companies like Escher-Wyss and Sulzer, who specialized in textile machinery in the 1880s. Punched cards were used to create various patterns on textile machines, as well as on pianos. Other names in this company were Semyon Korsakov (c. 1805); Charles Babbage (c. 1855); Herman Hollerith (c. 1880); The Tabulating Machine Company (c. 1910), including Dehomag (Deutsche Hollerith-Maschinen GmbH, IBM Germany); and Computing-Tabulating-Recording Company (1911, renamed IBM).

Note:  IBM International President Jacques G. Maisongroung was a keynote speaker at Klaus M. Schwab's first European Management Forum on February 4 and 7, 1971, along with the black monarch and heir to the throne of the Fourth Reich, Otto von Habsburg.

Klaus married Hilde Stoll in the weeks after the first Forum in 1971. This was a clear business marriage. Hilde's family to this day owns FESTO, an engineering, robotics, artificial intelligence and process control manufacturer with more than 20.000 employees.

It should be noted that the Escher and Sulzer families are connected with the Stolls, Schwabs and Bodmar families. The Bodmar family property in Cologny, Canton of Geneva, Switzerland is the current location of the World Economic Forum headquarters and Schwab's residence, like an upscale WACO-esque compound.

The Bodmar family is a 15th century silk factory that bought the WEF land from Fanny Moser-Sulzer (Sulzer AG). Hans von Schulthess-Bodmar was director of Escher-Wyss & Co. and those linked engineering firms and exclusive private banks are still in operation (Escher & Rahn renamed Rahn Bodmer).

After all, none of these family businesses has a lack of financing. Given their proximity to untold amounts of stolen Nazi-Japanese gold at the Bank of International Settlements, their “success” comes into the picture. In fact, it was during the Marshall Plan that the British Pilgrims Society took control of these family-owned Second Reich empires to serve their secular New World Order plan.

Martin Bodmar was born the same year as Klaus' father, Eugen (1899). Martin was Vice-President of the International Red Cross (1940-1971). Klaus is said to have attended primary school in the Zurich suburb of Au (1945-47, ages 7-9) and lived in Bodmar Castle during that posh primary school.


Klaus had all his education financed by Escher-Wyss financiers in Zurich, just as his father Eugen Schwab, as director of Escher-Wyss & Cie. (Co.) in Ravensburg, founded the Ravensburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry as vice president ( 1945-46).

Eugen founded the Ravensburg Chamber of Commerce at the behest of Sir Winthrop W. Aldrich (the boss of Rockefeller, Henry Kissinger and Paul Volcker), Allan W. Dulles (OSS/CIA Bern, Switzerland), and the Bank for International Settlements founded by MI6 and the CIA.

The British Pilgrims Society had already begun funneling sordid funds from the Marshall Plan to insider firms such as Escher-Wyss and Festo and their intertwined Swiss private family banking firms, even before the war ended, in exchange for Ravensburg's help in transporting the Nazis. gold to Bill J. Donovan, Allan W. Dulles and Edwin Pauley (OSS  How  MI6 – the rogue CIA), the British Pilgrims Society demanded that Schwab remain faithful to the new world order led by their newly formed United Nations.

Remark :  Lord Mark Malloch-Brown , the current chairman of the Pilgrims Society of SGO Smartmatic (with his masked OpTech ballot scanning software in Dominion, ES&S, Hart InterCivic, Sequoia, Diebold, Premier), has held nearly every senior position at the United Nations: High United Nations Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) in Thailand, Africa, Central America and Geneva; Reform of UN communications; United Nations Development Program (UNDP); London International Model UN; UN Millennium Summit; and Deputy Secretary General.

Also note :  Sir Nigel Graham Knowles  is Malloch-Brown's fellow pilgrim in SGO Smartmatic, where he is a director, chief trustee of Prince's Trust America, and Kamala Harris' newly appointed husband, Doug Emhoff, at DLA Piper LLP law.

Starting even before the Germans surrendered on May 7, 1945 – just two weeks after the famous “Link-Up” (April 25, 1945) of the  US 69th Infantry Division  with the Soviet 58th Guards in Torgau – Ravensburg was a stopping point for shipping stolen Nazi gold to Switzerland. It has also been a processing center for Allied POWs as an obvious cover for the Ravensburg duplicates discussed herein.

The stolen Nazi gold was sent via Ravensburg, near the Swiss-Lichtenstein border, to the Bank for International Settlements in Basel, Bern and Zurich. Allen W. Dulles was the OSS spy director in Bern in charge of the Nazi gold for the Allies (read: Pilgrims Society).

After the war, Dulles became the first director of the CIA and was the man who later covered up Kennedy's assassination in the Warren Commission after he ordered the assassination of President Kennedy, according to many, to fuel his nascent global Pilgrims Society venture. based on the stolen Nazi and Japanese gold – the banking system that operates today, still called the Bank for International Settlements, Zurich, which handles the special drawing rights between banks.

President Kennedy was assassinated not long after he told a colleague, “I will shatter the CIA [Dulles' creature] into a thousand pieces and scatter it to the wind.” ( New York Times , Apr 25, 1966).

Escher-Wyss hosted numerous Sir Winthrop's Chamber meetings in Zurich and Ravensburg, sponsored by their father-son city father team of Eugen and Klaus Schwab.

As general manager of Escher-Wyss, Eugen was a man whose favor was sought in Germany, Switzerland and the Pilgrims Society alike, preparing son Klaus to take over their Escher-Wyss dynasty, now 216 years old.


Today, KPMG is the auditor of Klaus Schwab's Andritz AG, who also audits SERCO (audited by the British Crown) and SGO Smartmatic (aka Dominion etc.) Voting Systems (audited by Lord Mark Malloch-Brown and  Sir Nigel Knowles , Kamala Harris's British handler.

Klaus obtained a bachelor's and PhD in engineering from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, ETH Zurich, Switzerland, co-founded by Alfred Escher (1855).

Klaus also received overlapping masters and PhD degrees from the Jesuit University of Fribourg, Switzerland (1962-67). These Jesuits have numerous Pilgrims Society globalists such as British Zionist Chaim Azriel Weizmann; Basil Hume, Archbishop of Canterbury; and, Juan Carlos, King of Spain.

Weizmann co-developed acetone used in cordite explosives for the British war industry in WWI with fellow British Zionist  Sir Alfred M. Mond , president of Imperial Chemical Industries (ICI) and gunpowder – a founding member of the Pilgrims Society (1902). He also founded the Weizmann Institute, funded by Lord Victor Rothschild, which coordinated biological research closely associated with the developer of the Coronavirus patent (US Pat. No. No. 10.130.701, granted Nov. 20, 2018) – The Pirbright Institute (UK) . In fact, Pirbright has tested many biotech trials in Israel, according to recently declassified correspondence from dr. Sydney Brenner Victor Rothschild.

In 1966-67, Klaus was shifted to Boston for his Harvard care. He holds a master's degree in public administration from the John F. Kennedy School of Government. There he admits to working with the inner circle of the Pilgrims Society Henry Kissinger and John K. Galbraith. Galbraith and Kissinger came to star in the strategies and tactics of the World Economic Forum.

On the wings of Kissinger's Pilgrims Society's instructions, Klaus Schwab was commissioned to organize the Europe Management Forum from 1971 onwards.

Beginning in 1965, the US Department of Energy began funding the development of nuclear weapons in South Africa (read: British-controlled).

Newly discovered information for this top-secret program reveals that Sulzer-Escher-Wyss provided critical components for the enrichment of detonating an atomic bomb, ostensibly for the South Africans. Apparently their prized elephant herds needed protection.


Klaus' first job after college was leading a 10.000-employee merger from Escher-Wyss AG and Sulzer AG. Now we know that these companies and their families were connected and this was just window dressing. This happened just as Sulzer was shipping specialized compressor and turbine seals to South Africa. Later, Swiss fugitive Marc Rich sanctioned South Africa for this secret nuclear clique of the Pilgrims Society.



Who is a Nazi now?

Who is Klaus Schwab

VVD, PvdA, D66 and CDA support The Great Reset: 'build back better'

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