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Knightly Thierry: Ex-lover Eva Vlaardingerbroek has no decency

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Several Forum for Democracy members have turned away from Thierry Baudet, the party's founder.

So also Eva Vlaardingerbroek, number five on the list.

In the Dutch broadcast of Goedemorgen Nederland, she strongly criticized Baudet, who was stained with tar and feathers, and who was visibly moved by Eva's words.

The editors of the morning program had asked Vlaardingerbroek for a telephone response and processed that response in a 'split screen' with Baudet, who live in the studio.

That resulted in extremely painful television.

Vlaardingerbroek reported earlier that they CANNOT behind Baudet, but behind the party board.

This turns out to be against the sore leg of Baudet, who casually reveals in the morning program that she is not only a (former) colleague, but also an ex-girlfriend, 'from 2017'.

"I find it extremely painful for this to happen," he says.

Vlaardingerbroek's telephone response to Baudet's proposal for a party property division.

'I think splitting the party is panic football from someone who is losing, that one in despair is', says Veradingerbroek:

'I think we now have to wait and see how it will continue. I will join the camp of the board when we talk about it kampen have to have.'

In the split screen, Baudet's reaction is highlighted and it is clearly visible that he almost started to cry.

"I think it's amazing that someone like this…," he stammers.

"I have to get used to the news."

He thinks his proposal for a party property division 'chivalrous'.

Why can't Eva have the decency to say, 'Of course, we'll just sit down for this'. 'I support this proposal'. '

On Thursday, he proposed a party estate divorce to prevent a 'fight divorce'. The board and Baudet then have to divide the finances and other goods, but Baudet thinks he is entitled to the batch name.

The reason for all this is the urgent letter that the Senate and number three on the candidate list Nicki Pouw-Verweij wrote, in which she states that Baudet has supposedly been radicalized.

According to Ikgeefjeeendouw-Verweij, during a dinner on Friday, Baudet fell out to Joost Eerdmans and said that corona had been brought into the world by George Soros, which gives us our freedom wants to decrease.

According to Pouw-Verweij, Freek Jansen found it correct of the opinion of Fvd youth with healthy mind 'cooperate with the enemy' and he sees that as 'the worst thing you can do'.

Nickie did not know what she was hearing, she writes in her letter:

'I indicated that I thought we should not tolerate anti-Semitism or Nazism. Thierry then asked:

Where did your crusade against anti-Semitism come from? Almost everyone I know is anti-Semite. '

Joost nothing Weerdmans informed the ANP to endorse the content of the letter and Vlaardingerbroek also confirms that Baudet made those statements and that she was 'shocked' by it.

Baudet says he has 'a completely different memory' of the evening.

Subsequently, a large part of the top turned against the founder of Forum.

Nicki Pouw-Verweij, Joost Eerdmans and Eva Vlaardingerbroek are now renouncing their place on the FvD list of candidates of the House of Representatives.

Freek Jansen responsible for the JFvD and a kind of Mini-Me, a younger version of Baudet left of its own accord.

After the leaders had given him an ultimatum, Baudet decided on Monday evening to step aside within the party: he withdrew as party leader and became list pusher.

Joost Eerdmans gladly indicated that same day party leader to want to become.

On Tuesday morning, Baudet announced that he would also resign as party chairman. A few hours later, FvD Member of Parliament Theo Hiddema announced that he would immediately stop as parliamentarian.

On Wednesday, however, Baudet reversed his decision and announced again party leader to want to become.

He also wrote one that day digital party leaders fight out for Monday November 30 and Tuesday December 1, for which he himself immediately selectable suggested.

All board members, successor of Henk Otten and also treasurer Olaf Ephraïm, turned against their former party leader and demanded the vertrek from Baudet.

The locks on the party office in Amsterdam were literally replaced, which Baudet claimed to be 'dismayed':

"I don't have the new key."

The board of Forum for Democracy said yesterday declaration to do against his resigned party leader Thierry Baudet, because he is said to have unlawfully appropriated the social media channels and the entire IT activities of the party.

Thierry also could not believe that the party board wanted him expel.

And the letter from Chantabel Nanninga feels like zes stabs in his back, says Baudet.

"Annabel owes all of her positions to me."

Annabolle Nouikga is now splitting with Kevin Kreuger, both FvD councilors in Amsterdam, from the FvD and they want to continue in politics with an independent faction.

Also four of the five FvD politicians in the Provincial Council of Overijssel get out of the party and start one together new fraction.

After the mutineers left and the vulgar coup to the end seems, the directors see bringing calm to the party in the short term like it highly achievable.

They now want one as soon as possible members meeting keep with two agenda items:

Membership in Baudet.


The appointment of a COMPLETELY NEW party board.

They argue with this general members meeting a number of conditions:

This is how the party leader election that Baudet announced in a video on Twitter on Wednesday goes for next week as far as they are concerned CANNOT by.

They also want Baudet to immediately observe a media break and his place on the board give up. Baudet is still common at the moment board member.

But today's preliminary conclusion is that a majority of the Forum for Democracy board wants the MEMBERS of the party have the final say on the fate of Thierry Baudet.


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