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Krisache: Book a HOTELLETJE and come to The Hague early!

The streets in Germany have been full for months.
Op Saturday 1 August takes place in Berlin the largest demonstration in the history of Germany. It is expected 500.000 men.

Symbolic Virus madness joins the Eastern neighbors to start the Saturday Saturday August 1 in the Netherlands Day of Democracy te to celebrate.

There will also be tomorrow Willem Angel called for it step down of the entire cabinet.

That Rutte just happens to be on vacation is allowed party fun do not press.

Mayor Jan van Zanen has no maximum to the number of revelers.

Virus madness thinks it seems that in the Netherlands it is only about the white people in the Randstad!

But IEDEREEN is welcome at the demonstration, provided you first register at

Virus madness wants to leave mayors of the Netherlands to arrest and in any case to sue because of the mouth mask policy.

We are all still awaiting judgments against the State of the Netherlands, RIVM and Youtube.

We will withdraw on 1 August 2020 semen against the one and a half meters of society!

'If you receive a clue in The Hague tomorrow from an officer that you are standing too close together? So what !! Just keep your distance!
And then we'll see again! ', Says Engel.

There are in between 14.00 pm and 16.00 pm hour many protesters expected from Belgium and Germany.

We call for Saturday EVERYTHING to film on the Malieveld.

Capture the 5th column well!

Share and like as much as possible! This is how we break through censorship together!

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