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Lars Westra labeled as “the anointed one” of the Dutch climate church.

Lars (12) has been launched as Greta from Nijmegen and is just like her: 'Worried about the planet'.

But the chosen Lars Westra is used as a climate soldier by D66 with which his father has ties and can thus promote his own climate company and of course the radical climate agenda of D66.

However, Lars emphasized to the Jeugdjournaal that he does everything himself and is not pushed by his parents.

Marjolein Faber of the PVV criticized 'holy Lars':
“Your parents should have protected you from this. It's a shame, you are being abused! Go play football! ”

Immediately Mrs. Faber was filmed on Facebook by the green inquisition and an ordinary lynch party followed on Twitter in particular by green vinegar pisses, because:
"He's just a kid!"

It is claimed that Lars was invited to the Provincial States of Gelderland.

Father Jan Westra has a consultancy in energy transition, with which he drags in a lot of money. And since August 2018 he has been working as a project manager at the province of Gelderland.

The promotional films of father Jan's company are also hosted by D66.

Yet Lars maintains that he himself sent an e-mail and was then invited to come and discuss his ideas.

Quite strange that he already figured in a D66 commercial and Rob Jetten knew Lars before.

The boy called on the States members to go to a meeting in the evening, so that children can also have a say.

He wants more subsidies for consulting firms and wind farms. And also a children's council and a children's parliament.

Gelderland is the richest province in the Netherlands, so money cannot be the problem, says Lars.

De Gelderlander about Lars

Facebook No to MSM

And it can be even crazier:

“D66 councilor Lusanne Bouwmans talked to Lars Westra, the youngest entrepreneur in Nijmegen. Lars is 12 years old and has his own company: 'Vision of Children', with which he gives advice to companies and institutions from a childish point of view. In addition, he also simply goes to school in the first class of the Charlemagne College. Lusanne talks to him about entrepreneurship, children and the climate. ”

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