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Last straw for the hospitality industry

The text is taken from Een Oorlog Already Lost

The unsuccessful preliminary relief proceedings against the state to force the reopening of the catering industry have already been four months ago and the sector still has no prospect of improvement.

The lockdown is dragging on, now even a curfew has been added and whether the numbers are rising or falling does not even seem to matter at all; the place remains closed.

For many entrepreneurs it is already too late; they will never open their doors again. Others do not want to give up and continue to fight hard, grabbing every straw to keep their life's work afloat in the hope that the redeeming word from the government will not be long in coming.

But how long can they afford this? How long until the last reserves are really gone and they can no longer provide for their livelihood, how long until the creditors are tired of waiting and the bankruptcies are filed

How long until the government's wiping out against bleeding is no longer sufficient and the dam actually breaks through? Michael Meeuwisse from Bodega de Posthoorn in The Hague is once again a guest.

He argues that if the government does not now make substantial compensation for the losses that the hospitality industry has suffered under the measures, that will mean the definitive end for much of the industry - with all the suffering for the entrepreneurs and their families in question. serve.

In an extreme attempt to save what can be saved, Sven and his foundation take one more big action to enforce decent compensation through the court.

If you are or know a catering entrepreneur who, like Michael, would like to join this, you can do so via the website


Facebook page for the catering damage compensation:

A War Already Lost

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