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Law is Law! Only if hugo says so

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Law is Law! Only if herr hugo says so.

art. 11 of the constitution says:

Everyone has the right to inviolability of his body, subject to restrictions to be set by or pursuant to the law.

However, do not forget the addition ¨However, the legislator may make exceptions to that fundamental right.¨

This is a very important addition, which is apparent now that we are gradually getting more and more information, thanks to Huig Plug, among others, about how corrupt and rotten exactly this legal system is.


This concerns an explanation from herr hugo to Gideon van Meijeren about vaccinating children aged 12-15 who do not have permission from their parents.

Apparently Art. 11 only matters as long as it is in favor of the (not my, but maybe your) government.

According to herr hugo, children of that age are smart enough to make decisions about this and to make their own decisions. As long as this one has the decision tothe syringe ¨ to set.

Considerations such as;

The shot or no school trip.

The prick or no amusement park, zoo, sports club, Sinterklaas etc, etc.

These are NOT trade-offs to be left to children, even for adults these are not “considerations”


And because herr hugo is apparently so well informed about articles of the law, it is at the very least suspicious that art. 318 of the Criminal Code has not yet been discussed.

Second Book. Crimes

Title XXIII. Extortion and Threat

Article 10.2

He who, with the intent of taking advantage of himself or of another unlawfully, by threat of libel, libel or disclosure of a secret, compels someone either to hand over any property belonging wholly or partly to this person or to a third party, or to entering into a debt or canceling a debt, or making information available, shall be punished as guilty of threats, with a term of imprisonment not exceeding four years or a fine of the fifth category.


If the offense is committed with the intent to prepare or facilitate a terrorist offence, the prison sentence for the offense is increased by one third.


This crime is not prosecuted except on a complaint from the person against whom it was committed.

And then we haven't even talked about intentionally¨ discriminating and humiliating children and/or parents without the oh so much needed QR Code.
Would the removal of moszkowicz, who was very familiar with, among other things, the Holocaust have been premeditated?

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