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Lawsuit and extensive conversation with Tinus Koops

Tinus Koops before the Police Judge

Tinus Koops of the Netherlands in Revolt was visited on June 19, 2020, during a live broadcast on Facebook, by two police officers with a letter that his request to demonstrate against the absurd corona measures on July 4, 2020 had been rejected.

In a fit of emotion, Tinus Koops blurted out the following words, live in the Facebook broadcast:
“Bunch of fucking lungs and by that I don't mean the police. Then I'm talking about our Van Zanen. He just really needs to get a brick in his neck. ”

He added:
“I think that's very hypocritical Mr. Van Zanen, you fucking bloody ugly rotten cunt that you walk around. We used to be able to chat really well, but now you are a fucking bitch. Now you have an enemy, because I really didn't expect this from you, buddy. You really are a fucking bitch. ”

Slang. The message was: "I am furious!". That you are just in a Facebook broadcast is less. Tinus certainly regrets it, and he has stated that several times, but we live in absurd times where our freedoms are severely restricted due to the corona virus and the frustration many can imagine.

“I was high in my emotions at the time. Because of the prohibition of the demonstration. The right to demonstrate is a great asset, that was pulled from under my nose that evening without explanation. I wanted to tell Van Zanen myself that I regret it, but he does not want to start a conversation with me. ”

But nevertheless the former Mayor of Utrecht felt “threatened”. According to Tinus, he just felt stepped on his dick and frankly the author of this piece too. There are worse examples that will never come to court in this one-sided Netherlands.

Former Mayor of Utrecht Jan van Zanen

Tinus called on his followers to come together on July 4 in the park Oog in Al. Although the word demonstration was not mentioned, it was still seen as a demonstration and so Koops had to appear before the Police Judge on 6 November. The Public Prosecutor charged him with incitement, threats and insult and thus illegal demonstration.

Our Jasper attended the trial and recorded the entire case. Afterwards Jasper had an extensive conversation with Tinus Koops.

“It must be possible to discuss the corona policy. Unfortunately I found out that this is not the case. ”


  •    01:35 am - Prosecutor indictment
  •    10:27 - Substantive discussion
  •    29:30 - Demand Public Prosecutor
  •    54:46 - Defense lawyer Tinus Koops
  • 1:11:07 - Last word Tinus Koops
  • 1:13:22 - Verdict


The police judge took over the demand from the Public Prosecution Service and Tinus Koops was sentenced to a community service of 120 hours, and 60 days in prison if he does not do the community service. In addition, a fine of 390 euros.

Tinus announced that he would appeal.

We have placed Tinus' last word separately here:

Afterwards, Tinus talked to Jasper from CommonSenseTV. See the whole conversation here.

Measure with two measures

This whole case leaves a bitter aftertaste and because we continuously monitor the news and also the social media, we see what is said online about and against “dissenters”.

The judge said, among other things: "Your statements made the mayor feel threatened. Fortunately nothing happened, but you could have given people ideas. ”

Could have, yes. But quite unlikely.

There you are… Live on Facebook and suddenly the police are at your door telling you that you are not allowed to demonstrate and you get angry. The statements are not neat, but if we start talking about this, we will know a few more.

Or one akwasi, who on a crowded Dam has threatened not one but all Zwarte Pieten in the Netherlands who we find less understandable. How many Black Petes has Akwasi threatened? Hundreds? Perhaps thousands who dress up as Zwarte Piet at our traditional children's party? In any case, more than one Mayor who knows very well who Tinus Koops is and knows that he is not violent.

Akwasi threatened all Black Petes on a full Dam, shouting through the microphone in a very intimidating way.

'The moment I see a Zwarte Piet in November, I personally kick his face', Akwasi shouted on June 1 on the Amsterdam Dam.

Listen carefully ...

Akwasi distanced himself from his words and the case was dropped.

Tinus also distanced himself, several times, but the charges were not dropped.

What is concerning is that Akwasi is a member of the extreme political movement BlackLivesMatter. Many Dutch people probably have no idea what these groups stand for. This political movement is big. Very large. And a potential danger to our democracy. There is no security service that can deny. Take a look at the US.

But Mark Rutte talks to these radicals who will not shy away from anything. Mark Rutte has also changed his opinion about Zwarte Piet and where you expect the Dutch Prime Minister that he will do everything to defend our traditions and culture, he gives in to the radical socialist movements that consider Zwarte Piet racist and he can “understand” For their feelings. Because people should not be offended. And especially minorities not. How the rest of the Netherlands feels about this does not matter.

Very rational black and white Netherlands is very annoyed by these racists. But the fake media has given all these years all the space to these extremists and so they have managed to make our age-old tradition disappear.

We say “seems” because we will NEVER give up our Dutch traditions and culture.

At the moment, politicians and the fake media are creating a climate in the Netherlands in which people who stand up non-violently against the absurd, unrealistic, irrational corona measures that destroy the Netherlands are portrayed as conspiracy thinkers and, worse still, as dangerous. If Tinus Koops de hard core belongs to the Dutch freedom fighters… into which category should we place movements like Antifa, BlackLivesMatter and KOZP with their iconoclasticism and their anti-white and anti-Netherlands propaganda?

Put this next to each other. Is this fair? Is this justice?

It is fortunate that the Dutch who fight against injustice are civilized Dutch. Including Tinus Koops. A man with a good heart who is streetwise and has an enormous drive to stand up against injustice.



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