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Lawyer Baudet: VPRO has made faux pas

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Barendrecht lawyer Dirk Vermaat assists politician Thierry Baudet in summary proceedings against the TV program Buitenhof.

Baudet demands rectification of the VPRO, because he was incorrectly quoted by presenter Nathalie Righton last week Sunday

"The VPRO just made a faux pas." says Vermaat.

"It is good for a judge to take a look at that."

In the broadcast of Buitenhof Last Sunday, Righton referred to statements by Thierry Baudet in a parliamentary debate.

Righton during that broadcast:"He said the EU has a preconceived plan to replace the white European race with African immigrants."

Baudet reacted furiously because he did not say so. He said to reject any appearance of racism. Baudet demanded immediate rectification, but this was refused by the VPRO.

Mr. D. Vermaat, criminal law specialist

Lawyer Vermaat: The broadcaster itself says it was a paraphrase. If a first-year law student sums it up like this, I would say: you really didn't get it. ”

According to Vermaat it is crucial that the presenter did not present it as her own summary in the broadcast.

“Thierry Baudet would have said it. She posited it as FACT and that is not correct. ”

The lawyer, who has been in the business for XNUMX years, does not want to say how the Forum for Democracy came to him.

Includes: “I am a professional lawyer. For me it is not about his views, it is about the case, about this file. And I see opportunities there. "

“I'm not a member of that party or anything. I have been a member of the VPRO for 40 years and I will remain so. ”

The summary proceedings are to be held on 11 March in Lelystad

In addition to being a lawyer, Dirk Vermaat is also a politician: he is a former alderman and currently a municipal councilor 'Really for Barendrecht'. The party chairman of that party, Lennart van der Linden, is also a senator for the Forum for Democracy in the Senate of the States General.



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