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Advocate starts lawsuit against lockdown

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The first female lawyer in Germany will take her case to the Federal Constitutional Court because of the limitations of the fundamental rights that Corona measures bring - others will follow.

With a constitutional complaint, Beate Bahner, a medical judicial specialist from Heidelberg, wants to take ACTION against the official measures that restrict public life in Germany.

According to the lawyer, this violates the fundamental rights of German citizens on a BIG SCALE, which is why she even wants to go to the Federal Constitutional Court:

"Federal and state government measures are FLAGRANTLY UNCONSTITUTIONAL and violate a multitude of basic rights of citizens of Germany to an extent never seen before."

According to her own statements, the medical lawyer from Heidelberg has therefore announced that she will file a lawsuit against the Corona Ordinance of Baden-Württemberg. If necessary, she said, she would go to the Federal Constitutional Court in Karlsruhe.

Bahner finds all corona regulations of the 16 German federal states unconstitutional, she said in a press release.

Photo: Advocate Beate Bahner

Press release from the Bahner law firm April 3, 2020.

"In particular, these measures are not justified by the Infection Protection Act, which was suddenly revised at lightning speed just a few days ago."

"Week-long restrictions on entertainment and contact bans based on the bleak model scenarios (without taking into account actual critical expertise) and the COMPLETE CLOSURE of businesses and stores WITHOUT any PROOF of a risk of contamination from these stores and businesses are downright unconstitutional."

According to Bahner, the infection with the new virus Sars-Cov 2 and the disease Covid-19, which is caused by it according to the World Health Organization (WHO), "serious danger to the general public '.

This is evidenced by the available figures and statistics. This shows that corona infection is harmless (or probably has been) in more than 95 percent of the population.

The specialist emphasizes that instead attention should be paid to at-risk groups such as the elderly and those with previous diseases (about 4,5 percent of the population).

The lawyer criticizes the radical measures taken by the government to prohibit 83 million people from going out and making contact and paralyzing almost the entire economy for many months.

"This is not justified by the development of the figures, neither by studies, nor by previous experience."

Bahner refers to previously known facts and expert statements:

“However, the really necessary measures have still not been implemented, as evidenced by the many complaints from clinics, retirement homes and doctor's practices. In addition, more testing is needed with the people who have a lot of contact with the at-risk group: These are the caregivers and family members, including children, who want to visit their elderly relatives. ”

It also requires testing for grocery store employees who interact with hundreds of people on a daily basis. Random samples of the population are needed to determine the actual (presumably many times higher) number of infections and thus the real (presumably many times LOWER) rate of serious coronavirus diseases. '

"Above all, an AUTOPSY on people who have died from / with corona is URGENTLY needed to determine the ACTUAL cause of death of these mostly elderly people, who often already have many diseases among their members."said Beate Bahner.

Instead, the leading Robert Koch Institute (RKI), which is subordinate to the Federal Ministry of Health, explains in its `` Recommendations for the Treatment of COVID-19 Deaths '':

“Internal inquiries, autopsies, or other aerosol producing measures MUST be AVOIDED. And if these are necessary, they should be kept to a minimum ”

See also this video: Only 6 autopsies performed in China with a virus that will kill our whole lives and our economy:



The Heidelberg lawyer demands a fair presentation of the mortality figures, because 'about 2500 people die every day, of which about 900 people in nursing homes.

In Germany 900.000 people die every year! That is why there is finally a need for a correct scientific approach and correct information from the people! '


“The closure, which has never been seen in 70 years and to which the 'Infections Protection Act' expressly does NOT entitle, is a serious violation of the constitutional principle of PROPORTIONALITY and the constitutional OBLIGATION of the state to protect the rights of the FREEDOM and HEALTH of citizens. ”

"This government action DESTROYS all the principles of our Constitution and our rule of law, which we so proudly celebrated just a few months ago with the 70th anniversary of the Basic Law."

She is really shocked, she explains.

Bahner will not soon accuse herself of 'not acting as a lawyer and defending the rule of law with all the means available to me'

"The consequences of the Corona measures for society, the economy, democracy and especially for the health of the people will be devastating."


Advocate against lockdown CLOSED in psychiatric clinic

Sources: EH-R


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