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That is not easy in the complex, idiotic world in which we now suddenly live. But for the people who just can't wake up, I'll sketch the picture Jip and Janneke:


The numbers of 'infections' have never been as high as they are now.

Higher than last year around this time.

CSTV readers know I don't value 'the infections' at all, but hey, they always coquette with that. So for this Jip and Janneke message I will go along with it.

The number of hospitalizations is now also higher than last year around this time.

The number of (adult) vaccinees is currently 87 %.

Could it be that the vaccines don't seem to work?

You've already had 2 and another one coming soon and then another.

If those vaccines worked at all, wouldn't the number of infections and hospitalizations be much lower than last year, when no one had been vaccinated yet?

Well, this already gives some food for thought, don't you think?

But I'm not quite done yet.


I have another note for you: Currently in the UK 2,5 to 3 times as many people under the age of 60 who are vaccinated are dying.

(Just a little explanation, the United Kingdom is one of the few countries where reliable figures are available in a not too complicated way. That is why I often use them in my analyses.)

So with the syringe, the risk of death is 2,5 to 3 times greater than without the syringe. While the vaccination rate is about 63%.

You know what, I'm showing a picture:


But despite the fact that the UK is one of the few countries in the world where reliable figures are available, there is also some cheating there. Because if we zoom in on the results of recent, the picture becomes even more annoying. Just look at this table:

Here it appears that 538 deaths have occurred among the unvaccinated population, caused by alleged Covid.

85 deaths among the partially vaccinated population and 2447 deaths among the fully vaccinated population

This means that 83% of the alleged Covid-19 deaths between October 4 and 31 were caused by the vaccinated population, while only 17% were caused by the unvaccinated.


With some detective work, it can also be revealed in the Netherlands and Germany that there are many more total numbers of deaths (not due to covid and certainly not due to the consequences of the poison syringe, you will receive a different label on your big toe) than the multi-year averages. In the US, mortality this year is 16% higher than the multi-year average. In the Netherlands this is currently even 20%.

So think for a moment: The chance of death is greater and the chance of hospitalization is greater if you are vaccinated.

That applies to the chance of death due to (alleged) covid and due to all other possible causes of death after you have taken that poison syringe!!!

Do you still believe hugo's gossip?



Okay, so far Jip and Janneke.

Take a moment to think about this and then ask yourself again whether that hugo really wants the best for you?!?


For the more informed people I also have a few things to report.

I came across a message from one of our representatives. Truly one of the most disgusting figures allowed to walk around there and a complete nitwit who thinks himself completely amazing.



Trying to make a good impression with a statement by Benjamin Franklin. But pay attention, for the good listener, he is right. He is working hard to take away both our freedom and our security. He has bent Benjamin's words for his own… well, for his own what actually?…. What does this complete crazy kettle really want to say and do to us?

Get rid of it!


Let's talk about the huge increase in the number of positive tests.

You and I aren't stupid enough to let us inject a poison syringe. We know better. My firm belief is that people who are well informed about the poison syringes also know a thing or two about the rt-pcr test and have no sense at all. I myself have never had such a cotton swab stuck in my nose and I avoid any situation where it is required (or I look for a smarter solution for that, because I'm not a dumbass of course).

So I was recently thinking about who is going to those test streets en masse? Perhaps these are a few people who are allowed to go out for a night with their test, provided of course not (false) positive. My brother likes to go to a restaurant every week and luckily he has not succumbed to the terror of rutler and bastard. So out of hesitation, he gets an entrance ticket every Saturday.

But the people who do that are certainly not people who feel sick. If you're already coughing and spitting, you don't feel like going to the disco, restaurant or pub and you don't go to the test street. So from that group of informed people, if they go to a test street, few positive tests come out.

Then the well-informed vaccine refusers who enjoy their beer, wine and steak at home, they never go to the test streets at all. Simple comme bonjour!

So the majority of the people who go there, correct me if I'm wrong, are the vaccinated with a runny nose or worse. Those people are of course already completely brainwashed and if they feel something like a cold or the flu, they panic and want to know whether, despite the double dose, they might have contracted covid.

Well I can assure you that if you have a runny nose or a cough, there is a very good chance that your pcr test will come out positive.

(It's kind of crazy that that's called positive. I always thought with HIV too, because I don't think it's all that positive).


It is for that very reason that they no longer want people with a negative test to be allowed inside. Because the only thing this nonsense has produced is that sooner or later it will become clear that this makes no sense. And then of course it shouldn't show. Somewhere the lying capacity of rutler and bastard will of course stop!

So 20.000 positive tests in a day means 100 to 200 thousand people have gone to such a test street, of which, rough estimate, 90% are vaccinated.

That's probably all a lie too. Because with those positive tests, they can manipulate whatever they want. Everything for the panic!!

Until recently, it was claimed in just about all countries that patients in hospital were unvaccinated.

Maybe that's right. The people who haven't let the covid panic hysteria drive them crazy were not welcome in the hospital for serious treatment for a long time.

Do you have cancer and no covid?, get your fill!, we keep this bed free for a possible panic flu case. Who do you think you are with your real illness! Just die!

Well, in the summer there is little flu so they could start processing the long waiting list of real patients. (Unfortunately that came too late for a good friend and a dear cousin of mine, but that falls under the chapter 'collateral dammage')

And yes, many of them were unvaccinated. Oh dear, the hospitals are full of unvaccinated people.

It is now autumn and the snot nose season has started.

Several hospitals have already officially stated that almost everyone who is now being admitted has been vaccinated. In response to the worldwide propaganda being spread that it is the 'unvaccinated' who are now, completely unjustified, keep your hospital bed occupied.

Another strange lie that almost everyone, everywhere in the world, blindly accepts.

Why is the 'unvaccinated' wrongly occupying a hospital bed for the 'vaccinated' who really shouldn't have been sick anymore?

Yes, it's getting a little more complicated and people with the level of jerk can't keep up now.

So? What's up?

The unsprayed must be forced to take a syringe that appears not to work for the sprayed. With the reason that it is the fault of the unsprayed that the hospitals are overflowing with (don't underestimate the psychological effect) ordinary flu patients who have had the syringe injected!!!!!

Many independent scientists have already predicted this.

Not only are the poison injections themselves very harmful to your blood, your heart, your brain and your lungs, they also affect your natural immune system.

And yes, the result is that the hospitals are now filling up and that there has been a significant excess mortality from this year.

The solution they have come up with for this problem is to put even more syringes in the bodies of the brainwashed.

If you don't want that, you won't be allowed in from now on.


In the acclaimed countries of Portugal and Spain,

hey, we suddenly hear little about that lately, the deaths are also skyrocketing and here on Spanish television there are daily reports of the enormous crowds in the hospitals. And that while the snot and flu season has only just started here. Until a few days ago the weather was still beautiful everywhere.


The big big question that you and I ask ourselves is of course: Why???????

Why is this happening? Why are we not thinking, researching and analyzing the way we do?

There is only one sad answer to think of:

This is not about a virus. This is not about covid-19, this is not about your and my health. Something very different is going on here.

And of course there are many people, also in my environment, who smell danger, but cannot imagine that so many liars are involved and participate in this.

But dear ones, I do know that most of us essentially mean little harm. But when it comes to money, bribery, maybe even blackmail from and by the rich, powerful illuminati, many give in. Do not forget that in the 40s – 45s of the last century you got a knack and later even 5 guilders if you managed to betray a Jew in hiding. Nowhere in Europe have relatively so many Jews been arrested as in the Netherlands.

That's how people are put together. Salon socialists, bosses, friends, and so on, all want the best for you until their self-interests take a different turn.

While we're at it, we also add some death and injury rates from the poison syringes. This is not the vaccine dashboard, but we are now at almost 30.000 reported deaths and almost 3 million side effects from the poison injections in the EU countries.

Pay attention to people, almost everyone who died last year from a heart attack, from dementia, from cancer and I know a lot that you can die from, was registered as a covid death. Including my own father. If you were to remove all these falsely registered deaths from the figures, it turns out that very few people have died from pure covid or the flu. Many times more (young healthy) people have died from the poison injections.

I have fresh numbers from VAERS, you know, the barely accessible registration system in the US, on infant deaths:


This will just make you cry!!!!!


Messages like this have reached me from various other countries. The mortality among babies (of vaccinated mothers) appears to be abnormally high.

Meanwhile, the circus has started around the mandatory poison injections. Make no mistake, this too is all orchestrated. One by one countries are starting to do that or at least throwing balls to it. I assume most Jip and Janneke readers have long given up, but consider this:

A government that wants to force you and/or me to let me inject a medicine, I'm not sick, I don't want it, but they force it…….

Can you imagine a worse form of dictatorship? jozef Mengele was just an amateur here. You do know that the Nuremberg Code was drawn up precisely because of the atrocities that Jozef Mengele carried out on people, right? The Nuremberg Code was not there to stop Joseph Mengele, the Nuremberg Code is meant to stop the young bastard and his fellow terrorists.


But they don't care.

Almost all participating countries have passed new laws that give the terrorists dictatorial powers. In my beloved Spain, the province of the Basque Country wanted to push through the vaccine entry tickets. The high court has banned it. The other provinces were still somewhat hesitant about this measure. But this court ruling is a great blessing for the country and will hopefully prevent these Nazi practices from being introduced here too.


Why would a person of sound mind and body allow himself to be injected with a substance that has been proven to be extremely harmful in the short term and whose long-term damage is still unknown?.

Why would a person let that do that? Then there must be a very big threat! Then you have to estimate the risk of getting the flu, a disease that most people have little trouble with, very wrong. That estimate is based solely on the panic the governments and media are pouring out on you. There is no pandemic in your vicinity. Not in my immediate area either. Not last year and not now.

Damn it!!

Yes, but then the hospitals! I hear you think. Well, hospitals are hospitals. Except for the visitors and the staff, almost everyone there is sick. I once visited someone in the Anthony van Leeuwenhoek. My God what a sadness that is there. Everyone there has cancer! But that doesn't mean everyone has cancer everywhere. (oh dear, phew Marcel, that can no longer be called cancer. It's called 'new formations' these days).

Suppose you or I (God forbid) got cancer and the chance of survival would be pretty minimal.

Suppose then Pfizer came up with an experimental drug that could possibly cure us, but not much is known about the side effects. Would you take it then?

I do!

That is a trade-off between risk and return.

But the yield of these poison syringes appears to be barely or not present at all and the risks are already overwhelmingly present.

The enormous amount of problems that have arisen after the administration of the poison syringes would make any sane person think otherwise than obliging them.

Abolish that trade!!

How is it possible that regimes want to continue at all costs. There is no logical explanation for this other than a statement of financial gain, promises of power or blackmail.


For bastard de Jonge, we are already philosophizing and analyzing at far too high a level.

I hope he lets the Jip and Janneke part sink in for a while, but I'm afraid that's a vain hope. He has something else on his mind.

Klaus and Bill seem nice but in reality they are very strict.


Do we also need to talk about police brutality?

That is now slowly taking on unlimited forms. Part of phase 5 of the Lockstep. Please make no mistake. There is now overwhelming evidence that it is the newly established Euro murder brigades that come to assist in local conflicts. It is these mercenaries who mow down and shoot innocent civilians. So that joker kwaus can say later that his agents have done nothing wrong. And of course he has no say over the Euro murder squads.

Willem, Jeroen, our real representatives, go and fight it out in some European court. Good luck. That's the new normal!!!


Images from Belgium and the Netherlands:









Maybe there are people who think that these are all just conspiracy theories.....


Nope, phase 5 is now in operation! 





You bastard young man, you just don't care at all about all this kind of data. Neither do your Belgian, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Canadian, Australian, New Zealand colleagues.

Your backup comes from Roar and the Buying Witch. You can hide behind that. And that your assignments actually come from bill and klaus, that hardly anyone knows.

I noticed you've been taking media training courses. Ways to get your messages across in a more convincing way. But awake people really do realize that it is all a pretense to disguise your lies.

That awake group of people who get it all.....

And there will come a day, young one, when we'll come and pick you up.....



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