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Letter from a large group of concerned Dutch people

Submission from a large group of readers from CommonSenseTV and other independent fair media

The Netherlands, August 2020

Good day,

We, a large group of people in the Netherlands and in the world, are seriously concerned about your and our freedom and health. We hope you will take the time to read this letter because we are at our wits end.
In our opinion, the world is on fire and deteriorating rapidly with the safety and freedom of everyone.

I, the author of this letter, will continue to speak in the I form as a representative of this ever-growing group of people.
Because I would like everyone to do their own research after the questions I ask, I will give a number of sources where I get my information from.

In the press conference on March 16, the Prime Minister said “There is no easy or quick way out of this very difficult situation. The reality is also that a large part of the Dutch population will become infected with the virus in the near future. ” The fact is that 0,3% of the population has become infected and 0,035% has died as a result of the Covid-19 virus. In total, about 6157 people have died with the virus. During the flu wave of 2017/2018 there was an excess mortality of 9444 people. It is understandable that strict measures are taken at the start of an epidemic.

1 So the fact is that people die, but if the number of deaths is lower than in a flu wave, can the measures simply be lifted?

From May to August, the number of corona deaths has decreased drastically. In July and August, hardly any people die from the corona virus. You could say: the corona crisis is over. As a country, we could therefore return to the old normal. Yet many crisis measures remain in force: think of wearing mouth masks, the one and a half meter rule.

2 Why do many crisis measures remain in force?

There has been an “intelligent” lockdown. The consequence of this is that many companies have gone bankrupt and that many people have been laid off as a result. Now you would think that lockdown probably wouldn't happen again. The fact is that work is being done on an emergency law, which will give the responsible persons in the cabinet more power. In the event of a crisis, they can simply introduce a lockdown and extend it whenever they see fit.

The treatment of the emergency act has been brought forward by three weeks. Initially, the House would discuss the bill on September 10, but now it is already on August 20.
The proposal for this 'temporary' law, the effect of which - without the permission of the Lower House - can be extended again and again, consists of an amended chapter 5a in the Public Health Act and an Explanatory Memorandum of no less than 121 pages.

This law invalidates the Constitution!

3 Why is there such a rush to get this emergency law through? Do you think it desirable that the emergency law nullifies the constitution?

During that infamous speech by Prime Minister Rutte, he spoke of a “new normal”. By this he means, among other things, the one and a half meter society.

4 Where did this man then get all the knowledge that this is the only possible measure to get the virus under control?

In 2010, a kind of role-playing game was created for use in a possible pandemic by the Rockefeller family. ( In October 2019 this was done again at event 201 (
At press conferences it is repeatedly emphasized that everything can go back to "normal" when everyone is vaccinated. Normally, vaccine development and testing takes 5 to 10 years. The first infection was known in Italy on January 31, 2020. This was about 6 months ago. They've been testing with a vaccine for a while. This has minor side effects, according to Bill Gates.

5 Who is tested on and is this voluntary? How is it possible that a vaccine is ready so quickly?

On June 13, Hugo de Jonge signed a multi-million dollar contract with Astra Zeneca. Hugo de Jonge's brother works there.

6 Is there a conflict of interest here and is it allowed just like that? Who has been asked for an opinion or can he just do this with our tax money? Are there several cases in the cabinet where conflicts of interest play a role, such as in the nitrogen crisis (protein reduction) via the Minister of Agriculture and Horticulture (Carola Schouten)?

Her family produces meat substitutes and this is a dubious situation to say the least and needs to be investigated.
Astra Zeneca and RIVM are largely funded by WHO and also by The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. According to Astra Zeneca, the vaccine has not yet been tested sufficiently and therefore this company does not want to be responsible for any side effects of a vaccine.
Side effects are not inconceivable. Bill Gates has also released a polio vaccine in India.

Between 2000 and 2017, a total of nearly 500.000 children were paralyzed.

7 Who can we turn to if people become seriously ill or even die as a result of side effects of the vaccine?

8 Do you consider the risk acceptable of experiencing serious side effects from a vaccine that we are not allowed to know about?

Mandatory vaccination is not possible in the Netherlands. It is true that the government has certainly been trying to change the constitution recently. So maybe it will soon be mandatory to take a vaccine. On the other hand, the authorities regularly hint that they will take away your rights if you don't take that vaccine “voluntarily”. Examples are that you are not allowed to travel or that your child is not allowed to go to daycare if it has not been vaccinated. Or that you cannot get a mortgage and therefore cannot buy a house.

9 Do you find this acceptable? Isn't this blackmail? Why is this being pushed through, while alternatives, such as those of a renowned general practitioner (Mr. Rob Elens) in the Netherlands, are concealed?

Treatment with the medication of hydrochloroquine in combination with azithromycin and zinc supplementation works.

10 Why is this man portrayed by Minister De Jonge as a quack? Why is a healthy lifestyle not being considered when obesity has been shown to be a major factor in Covid-19?

The mainstream media (MSM: newspaper, radio and TV) should actually be there to inform us independently about all kinds of matters. In recent months they have chosen to follow government policy. They have consciously chosen to scare and keep the people. We were inundated with their reports that corona is extremely dangerous and that many people would die as a result of the virus. Every day they felt it necessary to mention that a number of people had died as a result of corona and that there was a shortage in the IC's.

11 In recent years, the government has cut back extremely on healthcare, which has resulted in fewer IC beds. Why is this concealed?

There were two large demonstrations on 1 August. In The Hague there was a demonstration on the Malieveld. This was organized by Virus Madness. There were about 5000 visitors, while the MSM spoke of a few hundred visitors. In Berlin there were 1,3 million visitors, but the MSM reported about 17.000 visitors.

12 Why are the numbers being lied to?

On June 1, there was a demonstration in Amsterdam regarding the murder of a dark-skinned man in the US by an arrest by police officers. A few thousand demonstrators came to this demonstration. This demo was no reason for the mayor to end it, even though the one and a half meter rule was not observed. During Ascension Day the weather was very nice and many people also went out. Both situations have not led to an increase in the number of corona cases.

13 Doesn't this show that the five-foot rule is not necessary?

At that time, mouth masks were worn by relatively few people.

14 Doesn't this show that wearing face masks to fight a virus is senseless, especially outside?

Research by Maurice de Hond - using the advice and information of experts - shows that viruses including influenza and corona spread indoors via aerosols.
In the Netherlands, mouth masks are not compulsory outside, but experiments are currently being carried out with people in Amsterdam and Rotterdam, while this is contrary to the constitution. Full commitment is not far off I think.

15 Can you understand that some people have come to see the face mask as a muzzle with the intention of viewing the psychological effect and as a means of silencing people? Is this desirable and are they not dirty war games to oppress people?

The United Nations is very clear about what they want. Everything that is happening now is a well thought-out plan. You can search for information on New World Order, United Nations Agenda 21 and 2030.

16 What purpose does the well-known elite have? What is the elite? What are their wishes?
(info: ) very informative and simple explanation of important matters).

Shall we join together in one or more of the many demonstrations that are being organized in our country? Still not sure? Do you think millions of people around the world worry about nothing? Please inform yourself while you still can!

If you want to unite with like-minded people, then join the Walk of Freedom (info Facebook). You can also walk along to gather information if you have an intuitive sense that what's going on worldwide isn't right.

Get informed! Do your own research. If all this is true, very soon we and our children will be out of freedom and we will most likely suffer under a communist regime. Is what is happening now similar to the events of George Orwell's 1984 book? Are the stories on the internet true that the elite detest the people and that they therefore want to completely subdue the people, whereby we can and may no longer show any emotions at all? Will they use 5g to achieve this? Will they use genocide to reduce overpopulation? (According to stories there are now about 7,5 billion people on Earth and the elite wants to go to about 0,5 billion, this is pure genocide)

Is the rule of law in the Netherlands still independent or does it largely opt for the government (is the rule of law also controlled by the elite?). Are the demos and brought lawsuits a way to stretch time and therefore mislead people? Were the aggressive acts that the police brought forward against the population (is on common sense TV) during the first demo in The Hague, deliberately done to scare the people = intimidation, so that they are afraid to stay or to demonstrate, while us is right? Is it normal for arrested people to be stuffed into a bus, when the reason for arrest is the five-foot rule?

Isn't this whole corona crisis a hoax to push through a well-thought-out plan?
Inform yourself and let your opinion depend on it! As a joke, our king admitted that the official corona story is 'fake news'. Or was this a slip of the hard reality?

These are questions I ask myself.

If this is true, do we let it all happen? What do we have to do to stop it?
I don't know, but doing nothing doesn't seem like an option to me.
I think that the Netherlands and the rest of the world should stand up en masse to do something about this. Folks, unite and don't get distracted by all the diversion by the different agencies, such as racism and litigation against all of them.

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter!

Greetings from all the free Dutch.

Possible sources and alternative information on the internet:
- (clear explanation with scientific substantiation about Covid-19)
- A War Already Lost (YouTube)
- Lange Frans on YouTube
- Wouter Raatgever (YouTube)
- 5g Corona & Health News (Facebook)
- Mick Runs (Facebook)


The letter can be downloaded here:

Email addresses House of Representatives (also available online at

MANY MORE email addresses can be downloaded here In Excel form (.xls):

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