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Letter to Aboutaleb - Drs. Mario Ortiz

Dear Mr. Aboutaleb,

You are very busy, so I just drop the door with important information, which is useful to you:

I am a molecular geneticist, which I became from biochemistry at the University of Leiden. Also now more than 20 years working in the pharmaceutical & medical industry.

I have extensive experience with PCR, because it was in my university education as a biochemist / molecular genetics major subject. So I know how the fork is in the stem.

Aside from whether the positive PCR test numbers reported to you represent very little in percentage terms, and relatively little is going on in relative terms, there is something much more essential that you really need to know:
The GGDs present you with an 'increase' in absolute figures of positive PCR test results. (unfortunately not in percentage…). A positive PCR result only shows whether someone had (a piece of) viral RNA in nasal mucosa….

Someone whose test is positive DOES NOT MEAN that that person is actually clinically infected, ill, or about to become ill. That cannot show a PCR result at all. This molecular biological assay is not for that. You need extra clinical parameters for that, because the PCR does not even detect whether intact virus RNA was present in the person, nor can you say whether the virus is or has been infectious.

I am very concerned, because you now have the false impression that the number of potentially ill people with corona will increase, but that is not correct!
You, or one of your employees, can contact me for further explanation. But you can actually ask any clinical biochemist.

You can also easily verify this yourself. The GGD has been collecting data from those who have tested positive for weeks / months. (+ BCO)
And since the incubation time of the virus is about 1 week (max. 12 days), you can see retrospectively as well as prospectively whether additional sick people have been added, respectively. will come within 1 week. That is not the case. And I predict that this will not happen either. A small proportion of corona patients sometimes end up in hospital, but hospital admissions have also been on a zero line in recent months. So you can actually already see that nothing additive has happened or is happening there.
So from this you can already see that those positive PCR results lead nowhere.

You are now directing your policies and measures on the basis of fear of additional "infections", but that term is therefore a very misleading term for the positive PCR test results, which mean nothing more than what are supposedly old fragments of RNA from the virus, or sometimes even another related virus. It also concerns barely 1–2% of all people tested. Unfortunately, the media continues to use the term “infections”, but they don't realize the implications of this, and they don't even know what PCR means. I do. And many colleagues with me too.

You will understand that I am therefore very concerned, because I see that very wrong conclusions are drawn.


Drs. Mario Ortiz biochemist, medical advisor pharma.

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