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Letter to the publicans of the state

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Dear thinking readers,

Like every family in the Netherlands, we were delighted with a blue envelope containing the assessment for municipal taxes and water board taxes. That had to sink in for a while and I wrote the publicans of the state the letter below.


Nowhere Homes, April 13, 2021

To: Tax collectors of the municipality and water board, PO Box 666, 1984 GO HELLEPOORT

Subject: Annual assessment

Dear Sir / Madam,

As usual, our family was again delighted with the assessment for Waste Tax, Sewerage Tax, Property Tax, WOZ and Compensation for the Water Company. Whether only € 1664,45 will be transferred. That is more than 138 weever men per month.

My question to you is simple. Apart from the formal argument that it is in the law, what justification can you actually put forward that more than sixteen hundred euros must be transferred again?


It has pleased His Majesty's government to take the whole country, the entire bourgeoisie and the economy hostage. According to Statistics Netherlands, there was a decline in the economy of more than 2020 percent in the third quarter of 8,5 alone. That will have been no less in the fourth quarter of 2020 and in the second quarter of 2020 there will also have been substantial losses. Estimates vary what percentage of economic damage there is. There are completely foolish estimates, from His Majesty's government, of course, and estimates that are more independent. But 15% is the least. As a reminder, during the 2008-2012 crisis, the economy declined 1,5 to 2 percent. Is the picture getting clearer?


But that submission is passed on to only one group; entrepreneurs. His Majesty's Government parasitizesI know, an ugly word but extremely appropriate, to the business and private capital of entrepreneurs. Many branches simply had to close, are still closed, or it was made more difficult to generate any turnover to such an extent that there was hardly any actual turnover. No entrepreneur was allowed to fire his staff on the grounds that things would soon get better. Well, not. If you think that the crust of bread that Rutte threw the middle class by allowing them to receive two customers at the same time, and then also by appointment, then you are quite astray. Imagine Ikea with two customers per floor. Boy, how Ikea must have jumped in the air when our Prime Minister allowed it.

Empty promise

Furthermore, in the spring of 2020, there was the solemn promise of His Majesty's Government that every entrepreneur would receive support from the state. That turned out to be an empty promise, of course. Moreover, a kind of cigar from its own box. Because that support is first knocked out of the citizen's pocket through taxes. And through an opaque, money-consuming political and administrative apparatus that tax money is redistributed again at will.

Or His Majesty's government is borrowing money from the banks. That loan must be repaid, of course with interest, also tax money. The money that banks lend is largely assets that citizens and entrepreneurs have parked there as a nest egg or for future investments and on which, due to machinations of the European bank, they receive zero interest and often even have to pay penalty interest.

In order to get that support, you had to go all out as an entrepreneur to please see a little bit of that tax money back. That is, when you were on the 'list'. How solemn that promise was from His Majesty's government was soon apparent; more than half of the entrepreneurs were not eligible anyway. Including the undersigned. In short, business as usual.

And who did receive support, well, imagine an embers where a drop falls. What's a lousy four grand when you have some staff around? Any idea perhaps?

As always out of harm's way

Anyone who has not yet submitted anything is the entire civil service. Striking because, let's face it, according to His Majesty's government we should all do it together, right? Can anyone provide the moral justification for why civil servants are not affected? On balance, these have only improved. No travel time and no more travel costs, just to name a few. In fact, they receive compensation because they have to 'work' at home. Oh gosh, the poor souls! How bad!

It would be nice to increase the pressure on the civil service so that there would be some understanding about the position of entrepreneurs. Six months without a salary would be a good start. Then they have an advantage over entrepreneurs in the sense that they have no business costs that just continue. Still matted.

Dump the problem

In short, His Majesty's government has been pleased to lock up the entire country, impose all kinds of rules on businesses that complicate business, drive costs, reduce efficiency or even make business impossible. And at the same time, His Majesty's government "just" demands that citizens cough up the heap of taxes. The Hague creates a problem and they throw the consequences like the first best Tokkies over the fence at the neighbors (read: citizens).

Now it is true that His Majesty's government has a means of making endless money. They have donkeys shitting money in the form of good citizens who, by law, are forced, because yes, it is in the law, isn't it, to pay their taxes to the last cent. The state will fetch its pound of meat. Left or right.

I do not, of course, expect any sensible response from you. But I had to say it for a while.

Karel Nuks

I wish you freedom

Karel Nuks


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