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Letter to the room: You must strike the iron when it is hot

As a result of this video, I decided to send the following letter to all MPs

Dear MPs, 

There is an enormous gap between the citizens of the Netherlands and the elite in The Hague, because it turns out that this cabinet was not at all concerned with the interests of the population and that is not from today to yesterday, no, that problem dates back to before 2002 !
The fact that I and many Dutch people no longer have any confidence in our parliament, is a result of decades of refusing to really stand up as real representatives of the people for the interests of us as a population and to apply divide and conquer, not solutions, but bogus solutions in importance. from multinationals!
Numerous ideas have already been put forward from the population, sometimes strong criticism has been voiced, but this cabinet too appears to be East Indies deaf again, this small country has been plagued for decades by incompetent politicians, who are shifting the problems to a EU, which many of us have not wanted at all!
As long as I can remember (I am now 62), there has been a housing shortage, which nothing is being done about it and the problems are only piling up, especially if we keep the borders open for the many asylum seekers, who once they become a status holder, have to get a new home within six months according to EU standards!
That is just pure discrimination towards the own population, who are registered as a house hunter, are put on a waiting list of often more than 10 years, who do not step into a completely furnished house and have to pay for all costs, how does the sowing political hatred among your own population?
Now I only took one facet of the enormous mountain of error here, because I think it's a travesty that we have ended up in a dictatorship, that people who demonstrate peacefully are called wappies and beaten up with impunity by Police, ME, Boas and Romeos may be, soon it will be May 5 again, but we no longer live in freedom here!
We live in a demo dictatorship, for me only 4 May is still valid and 4 to 6 May are the days of mourning for May, because on 6 May 2002 democracy (what was left of it) was murdered and now more and more people are taking to the streets for freedom, knowing that they can be beaten for it!
I currently live in a country where I no longer want to live, a corrupt Pedo / Narco, where only the right of the strongest counts, where I would rather get corona than want to participate in the measures against it, because the medicine is many times worse than the disease and where alternatives such as Ivermectin and HCQ in combination with zinc and virus inhibitor are denied us!
And why are these alternatives denied to us? This has everything to do with interests, they prefer to play Russian Roulette with the population, using a vaccine of which we ourselves can be guinea pigs, than that the pharmaceutical industry cannot make enormous profits, because there is no patent on this safe medication, among other things. more is!
The words I use here are now and then quite harsh, but they need to be said, I actually do not wish to live here anymore, there are of course possibilities to come to a solution, but then we have a binding corrective referendum needed, elected mayors and an enormous clean-up within politics by one
The Netherlands would benefit enormously if, like the British, they draw a line through the entire backward EU, if we were to abandon that globalist gang that has destroyed us enormously, as a result of which we have completely lost our own value and have become a card reader from Member States, of which we should never expect anything!
It is disconcerting for people and animals how this policy is practiced here, how politicians are sowing division, divide and rule, instead of being a representative of the people in the literal sense of the word, the people who are blasphemers must be dealt with, who have been holding us hostage for years in an EU that a majority does not want, that takes away our fundamental rights from us as a population!
It is high time that civil servants and the judiciary were once placed under a magnifying glass, in order to arrive at one interest, now we are pushing towards a popular uprising, which is because the interests of our country are no longer thought of, or that people are thinking about our own inhabitants, but panic is being sown with viruses, nitrogen, CO2 and global warming.
If there is one thing that will no longer help, it is the censorship that has been introduced, common sense should be used again, I already mentioned it: could have an enormous positive effect, if not more of those schoolmasters like Hugo de Jonge could treat us like little children!
I think I have said enough for the time being, so we need new political impetus, whereby administrators can be held accountable for their mistakes, now they still get away with it and are even rewarded with nice jobs, for which they are far from always prove to be suitable! (cartel politics)
Sincerely, Chris Collard
sent to all MPs
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