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Liability action against Rutte et al. For corona policy

The Government for Government Affairs has launched a liability action against Mark Rutte for the corona policy.

The National Association against Government Affairs has launched an action to stop the Dutch lockdown. The corona measures of Mark Rutte and associates go unprecedented, while there is no factual basis for those measures. "We are all being pushed into a deep recession for no good reason. This is really not possible. "

At the end of March, after the first corona measures were taken, the Bond asked in writing for the information that could justify these measures. Mark Rutte (Prime Minister), Hugo de Jonge (Minister of Health, Welfare and Sport) and Jaap van Dissel (Director of the Center for Infectious Disease Control RIVM) received specific questions about, among other things, the scientific basis, the content and the results of the tests carried out on the coronavirus and the registration of deaths. No answers were given to these questions, not even after reminder letters. Meanwhile, more and more scientists, independent researchers and medical specialists worldwide have expressed very serious concerns about the official corona story.

Jordy Zwarts, president of the union, says that the policies of national governments do not seem to stand up to the well-founded criticism of many international experts. Instead of responding to those experts, they seem to be silenced. The Union asks questions and receives no answers. "The politicians apparently cannot substantiate their policy. That is a sign of improper managementZwarts says. "If you do so much economic, social and psychological damage in the country, for no good reason, it is an extremely serious act. A wrongful act. "

The action of the Bond aims to undo the corona measures and to limit the damage everyone suffers from the 'lockdown'. People should be able to pick up the thread of their lives as soon as possible. Everyone must be able to earn an income again. In addition, everyone must be compensated for the damage that has been done to them. "That makes sense to me. We are the victims of unsubstantiated measures that we did not ask for and could not ignore. " The responsible directors will be held personally liable for the damage. Damage will also be recovered from the organizations for which they work.

The Corona promotion will initially run through Sunday, May 17, three days before the current corona measures expire. Rutte and his colleagues will announce on Wednesday 20 May whether they will extend the corona measures and introduce an emergency law. Zwarts wants to put them on the spot with an impending liability. 'If they continue, they will all cost 50 euros per day for each participant in our action. That can add up to a significant amount if many people participate. " If Rutte and his colleagues actually extend the measures, the Bond will demand, in summary proceedings, that the measures be withdrawn.

Liberation Day, May 5, is a good time for Zwarts to start the action. "On Liberation Day we celebrate our freedom. Our freedom to do whatever we want, with whom we want it, when, how, and so on. That freedom can no longer be taken for granted and we must now take it back. " And really now, he warns, otherwise the population will remain in the current situation. "Our fundamental freedoms, our fundamental rights, are being taken away from us. The right to meet, the house right, the right to privacy. Don't think you'll get it back in a few months or a few years. You have lost it. Cops can just raid your house and arrest you. That is unacceptable. "

Zwart has said that some people with flu-like symptoms do die. "Of course people get sick", he says. "That happens year after year. People who already have a weak immune system can die from a lung infection. But that does not mean that we as a society are in great danger. Healthy people are isolated instead of sick people. That is bizarre. The corona tests have not been proven reliable, there is no scientific basis for these tests, and the registration of deaths seems careless. Yet we are all pushed into a deep recession. This is really not possible. "

Developments in the so-called corona crisis are progressing so rapidly that the Bond was forced to start the Corona action, while the legal document is still being prepared. Therefore, participants can only pre-register for the promotion. Once the legal document is ready, the registered parties can digitally sign the document and complete their registration.

Zwarts is convinced that, just as in the 5G action, the Bond will soon have a powerful legal document that will put those in serious trouble. As more people participate in the Corona campaign, Mark Rutte and his colleagues will experience a greater threat to their position and policy, Zwarts thinks. 'The more people participate, the greater the claim for damages and the greater the pressure on Rutte. We are strong anyway. But if we manage to get tens of thousands of people involved in this action, then Rutte will be haunted. "

The Bond's Corona campaign parallels the 5G campaign, which aims to block the activation of the new mobile network. Registration for this promotion is closed today. Participants who have not yet been able to sign their liability letters will soon be given the opportunity to do so. More news about the 5G promotion will follow soon. The Bond is preparing a few lawsuits over 5G.

People who want to join the Corona action can do that here to do.

More information about the Corona promotion is here to find.

National Association against Public Affairs website:

See here the 5G action of the Bond against Government Affairs!

Bailiff delivers letters to politicians, civil servants and telecom companies



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