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Lies around the Mexican Pandemic WHO & RIVM - Video News Hour 2009

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Hopefully, the average person will wake up quickly and use all the knowledge available to dismantle and bankrupt these billionaires who have been psychologically twisted and blinded by power.

Swine flu, officially New Influenza A (H1N1), and initially also called swine flu is a flu virus that caused a pandemic in 2009. The virus belongs to a new strain of it H1N1-swine flu virus and originated in Mexico in March 2009.

Pandemics are lucrative and an outbreak with as many deaths as possible is awaited daily. By manipulation people like to help to raise the death toll. This did not work out so well at COVID19. Although there are enough sounds that people were haphazardly registered as COVID19 dead. It just doesn't get along.

To put it bluntly: The media, politicians, the pharmaceutical companies and their investor, are bummed that no millions of people have been destroyed by Corona.

They did break down economically and psychologically and of course the deaths that did fall. That weakening of the people is then used to deploy “The New Normal”,


The virus first manifested itself in Mexico and spread to the United States in April and soon to other countries. On June 11, the World Health Organization (WHO) that the outbreak of Influenza A (H1N1) is a pandemic. On July 16, the WHO reported that the number of Mexican flu cases was no longer counted.

According to figures from the American Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), on August 28, 2009, 209.438 infections and at least 2.185 deaths from the virus were identified.

Deaths often involve a combination with one or more other conditions, as a result of which the patient already has a greatly reduced health. Death from swine flu alone is rare.

In many cases, the infection is quite mild and many patients therefore do not report. There have been a total of 17.483 confirmed deaths worldwide in 2009. In the Netherlands there were 60. In the 'normal' Dutch seasonal flu this was between 250 and 2000, but now, especially after 2014, we have a large annual excess mortality with the influenza epidemic in 2017/2018 (11.500 deaths) ..

The World Health Organization was concerned that previous pandemics have shown that the aggressiveness of influenza viruses can change. (speculations, just like with corona).

This did not happen with the swine flu. As of August 11, 2010, the Mexican flu was no longer called a pandemic.

In 2010, the virus re-emerged. At the end of December, 39 people had already died of swine flu in the United Kingdom and 738 people in England with the virus were in intensive care.

In 2015, the virus emerged in India. On March 9, 2015, 1370 deaths were reported and more than 25.000 people were infected.

The influenza epidemic that prevailed in the Netherlands in January 2016 mainly concerned the H1N1 virus.

The term Mexican flu is rarely used today (in 2020). The term is usually used Influenza A / H1N1 for the virus. This flu is also treated as normal flu.

Articles from that time:

And the Minister of VWS made the same mistake at the time and learned nothing (or did not renounce his interests)

Hundreds of thousands of vaccines were purchased. For Jan with the short surname, but the financial obligation and the opportunity to prick everyone for depopulation as soon as the panic was great, were fulfilled.

“It concludes that the effect of influenza vaccination on symptoms is very modest and that there is no evidence that vaccination has a preventive effect on the prevention of complications. Based on the knowledge available at the time, the GR's advice assumed that two vaccinations would be necessary. The need for two vaccinations is not supported by scientific literature. A letter from the Minister of Health, Welfare and Sport to the House of Representatives shows that in 2009 a mock-up vaccine was first developed based on the H5N1 virus for the development of the pandemic influenza vaccine. Studies with that mock-up vaccine would have shown that two vaccinations are necessary to induce a sufficient immune response. ”


Additional source:


NOS Nieuwsuur with Mariëlle Tweebeeke, November 16, 2010.


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