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Like mushrooms!

When I started to write critically, some sources were still protesting against this government and their policies, now for some time, they are mushrooming.
That is also not illogical, because we can gradually speak of mismanagement by Rutte III, in which the still current prime minister ((I put that here deliberately) may still think he can get away with everything!

For me, the message from Maurice de Hond, Willem Engel, Rob Elens and many others is very clear, it has also become clear that this whole corona policy is based on firewood, something that can only be set on fire to finish. to burn.
Everything seems that there is only one answer and that is vaccination, not a free choice but mandatory and that while it is a virus that is very similar to an ordinary flu virus.

Jan Struijs lives up to his name as a strange bird, people like this are very sensitive to befehl ist befehl, he justifies the police action in The Hague last Sunday, while the people on the Malieveld had the right to demonstrate and that they were very peaceful, like many politicians, this police spokesman clearly does ostrich politics, sticks his head in the sand not to have to hear the truth, well there are some images of very inappropriate behavior, caused by the ME!


So in advance all anti-lockdown demonstrations are banned, let me just say what I think, that is just bastard if other demonstrations are allowed to go ahead, a large part of the population is rightly done with it, because both the Dutch state, if the judicial process wants to keep us hostage without any valid evidence, it deserves to be answered hard, because we have well-founded arguments, that lockdown must be stopped and the more people on the leg for this, the better!

I am a great believer in peaceful demonstrations, but if those who intervene because of that one and a half meters, eat masses without observing that one and a half meters after the demonstration itself, then we can clearly speak of double standards!
First people attack in a very rude way because of a rule that really makes no sense, and then do not stick to this rule, so mister Jan Struijs, explain this to me and the Dutch people!


Precisely this last video makes your performance completely unauthorized, this just needs to be said, intimidation has put your good name in the mud, the police may be fed up according to this Jan dick, a large part of the population is lockdown more than sat.
I have always had great respect for the police, but that is now really starting to fade, they should take the side of the population and ignore the orders of idiots like a mayor Johan Remkes, in peaceful protests such as Virus madness !

It is therefore entirely thanks to the police and ME themselves that they have ended up in an increasingly poor relationship with the population, befehl ist befehl, does not belong in Dutch society, we once had Schalkhaarders, so thenders make your name where and serve the people!
People your vote counts, let Rutte and de Jonge know that we are sorry for them, take them to court and let them especially feel what the Dutch people feel, it is time for this cabinet of clowns to be taken away!

By making your voice heard, protesting against these abuses, things are really moving, from low to highly educated, from young to old, make it known that this cabinet has already gone too far, let them hear that we are no longer peck, then this situation will change automatically.
This virus is comparable to an ordinary flu, is not a killer virus and there has not been a pandemic at all, then our people's parliament uses exorbitant measures, which can still go ashore and listen to the wrong people.

Chris Collard.

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