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Listen to the Kompromat podcast! 2 times a month an update from Russia with William Immink.

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The very first Kompromat podcast is a fact!

Twice a month William Immink gives an update from Russia in this podcast. You will hear the latest news from Russia, the geopolitical situation and beautiful personal stories from the largest country in the world.

Honest, independent & uncensored!

The following topics are covered this week:
– Duma elections
- Afghanistan
– Police Russia
- Japan

We offer this first Kompromat podcast for free so that you can get used to our sound. For a small amount per month, we ensure that you as a listener receive the podcast by email twice a month. On the website you can read how to become a subscriber.

Here's the link:…at-podcast/

Have fun with this first edition and thanks in advance for subscribing!

Niels and William

Spread the freedom!

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