Recommended books

In Harvest of fear Erné lets twin brothers Alexander and Leonidas discuss whether or not corona is 'normal' flu. Nidas is even convinced that there is much more going on behind the scenes. Things that cannot bear daylight. He unfolds an unparalleled conspiracy theory, in which the government and 'big pharma' play a - at the very least - dubious role. These are heated discussions between the brothers, as Alex has a completely different opinion. Can one convince the other?

How ordinary people do the unusual.

View of a hidden playing field.

The coming of the Transition.

The madness called Corona.

Thierry Baudet on common sense politics.

Thierry Baudet on the attack on our sovereignty.

What you need to know about cancer history, treatment and prevention.

What is financial development ... anyway?

How to let go of your old, trusted 'self' and create a new 'self'

10 curative factors of exceptional survivors from cancer and other conditions.

Experiences beyond the limits of daily consciousness.

Unlocking your body's extraordinary resilience with the New Biology

Leon Baten on the European Decline.

Tension is who you think you would be, relaxation is who you are.

This book is going to make you feel better, be happier and live longer.

A comprehensive guide to natural healing.

And take on life!

Goerge Orwell - 1984

DAVID ICKE - How to let go of your old, trusted 'self' and create a new 'self'.

George Orwell - Animal Farm.

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