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Live: Austria protests against corona measures and lockdown

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Currently in Austria.

Previous articles were written yesterday but only posted today due to technical issues here.

It is a bizarre spectacle that is happening before our eyes right now in Austria and worldwide.

Austria is the first country to officially discriminate, exclude and demonize unvaccinated people. (source)

In the past, governments still felt superior. The so-called representatives all, left or right, participated in betraying their own country. And it seemed "safe" under the wing of major international co-traitors, schwabs and the institutions involved in this bizarre "great reset". And let's not forget the media. Without them it would never have come this far.

But things are not going as the Austrian government had hoped, although creating chaos is certainly one of the government's weapons, it was not the intention that the police and the armed forces would also turn against the measures and therefore against the policy of the government.

That does not mean that they allow every fight, but the police and the armed forces have clearly spoken out. They do NOT enforce the corona dictatorship. (source)

Everything or nothing

Regret is too late for those responsible.

They see it no longer being able to backtrack or apologize.

They know how wrong they are and what they have done.

And if the police and also the army do not support the government and the growing group of angry citizens revolt against you, these people who felt untouchable will feel the hot breath on their necks. Now it gets personal.

If these people actually had to answer to a tribunal, that would mean the death penalty.

Those syringes must be used by all citizens. A crime of itself. And then the grueling corona measures over the past year and a half.

What triggers these figures to go so far as to achieve this? How can they even look themselves in the eye?

What is in return for them or are they blackmailable? What happens to them if they don't get their assignment done? Who is putting pressure on them and with what?

We'll see for ourselves. Everything seems to be unfolding slowly. We have known for a long time that they would come back with lockdowns and measures.

We know that these demonstrations will not stop there. It is war. And not just a little bit even though half the people still don't realize it.

Fortunately, the other half is now. I have always been positive about the outcome of this worldwide drama. The good and the truth cannot lose against the evil that tries to subdue the population with an outright lie.


At the moment there are demonstrations going on all over Austria but the eyes are mainly on Vienna.


The collaborators, with the media as the biggest traitors, mainly portray the demonstrators in a negative light. Very cheap but it worked for a long time.

A number of political parties, some MSM that appear to be spinning in an attempt to stay on the right side of history, and alternative media openly warn that government will try, with the help of hired figures, to provoke violence and disinformation .

Weekly look editor-in-chief Elsa Mittmannsgruber points this out in a message.

“Don't be provoked to violence. But come ALL! We're all boiling with rage, but the Resistance must be very smart now. There is little time left. Don't be discouraged!”


Herbert Kickl, leader of the political party FPÖ, who has called for this demonstration, also addresses the people through his Telegram channel. 

In addition, Herbert Kickl calls on to upload images as proof of incitement directly on the party's website.

Also from other countries, such as Italy, Switzerland and Romania, people have come to the capital of Austria to protest.

Remains a mystery (to me) why many still wear such a mouth mask while people protest against it. Take those nonsense masks off en masse!

The FPÖ also offers a livestream of the demo on their Facebook page:


Live images can also be seen here:


We are entering a bizarre time. What has triggered all those politicians to participate in this big lie that costs many human lives?

It is impossible to count exactly how many people are on their feet. It could be tens of thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands.

But the sleeping giant is waking up and has rubbed the sleeping sand from his eyes. Too bad he walks so slow. The giant can deal with this dictatorship worldwide in 1 day. But the giant himself does not yet realize how strong he really is.

We will keep you informed!

Some more images:




The videos the media and government are waiting for:




Striking lyrics. According to the Courier hooligans who lead the way:



Armed forces and police insurrection against corona dictatorship: Government gets hit


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