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Live report: CommonSenseTV on the Malieveld “Together for Freedom”

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Live report: CommonSenseTV on the Malieveld “Together for Freedom” Part II (23-08) by Jasper (in his own style!)

Last Saturday, another demonstration was held at the Malieveld in The Hague. This time under the sign "together for freedom." Together, among other things by uniting no fewer than 40 action groups. (Virus Truth was not the organization but it did support these 40 groups)

Willem Engel has still been on the podium. There were (I believe) 7 speakers. The weather was fine for an outdoor event.

It was circulated on social media that this time the ME and especially the Romeos would again be housekeeping. The audience is always mixed, but everyone has the same concerns and that connects. (Hippies, juppen, (Metal) rockers, gabbers, grandpa and grandma, disabled people and families with or without a pram.)
The largest group of people has never demonstrated before 2020. I estimate there were 4000/5000 Man on the field during the demo. But many were frightened and therefore did not come, you notice and hear that around you by the brutal violence of the Romeos last Thursday.

The atmosphere among the audience was relaxed and delighted. Lots of people with acquaintances protest shirts, banners, drums. Armed with the mobile's camera in hand  "Film everything, film"

Obviously, no one wears a dust cloth, your excuse, a mouth cap that doesn't work. Not even the police. Also not the fake news (see photo AD chappie).

This time too the demo was musically supported by DJ Jean during the break. The only one who does self-protection is DJ Jean with his must-have sunglasses. (Isn't it kidding, he just spammed Facebook himself with those crazy conspiracies🤣😎. But here's the link.

This time the many police and riot buses present remained behind the trees. With this they were out of sight and the threat from the authorities felt lighter. The police who were present at the Malieveld itself were the first line and facilitate the demo, police with the flat cap.

Regularly there was also an announcement by the podium speaker to shout loudly "We are the Netherlands" while everyone was turned around. Drones hung over the field. Everyone behaved properly and the demo was successful. For the first time there was even a chip shop and dixies (mobile toilet).

Short report of the live broadcast.
The demo was from 14 pm to 16 pm with an extension. Halfway through, after my rounds to see which famous heads were there. First a little through the audience, then the entire stage presentation of Stanley (believe he has, organization of the demos in Nijmegen.)

Also the co-organizer of the demo last Thursday. He broke free from anger and misunderstanding. He translates the words ACAB as "Punish all corrupt officials"

Further in the feed I speak with a dreads guy who was also there on Thursday. See the video of the bizarre police brutality. The boy can be seen at 0:48.

He says that just like that, for no reason, rioters went wild by hacking into innocent civilians.

Then I bump into Tines Koops. Indicates that he thought it was humorous that last Thursday the Romans were finally hit and put back on the bus. He also says that a demo is scheduled for Prinsjesdag and another demo on September 24 at the Malieveld (Tines his birthday)
Then I walk to Stanly (please look up his name), who was just speaking on stage. He also talked about the government's KGezwel.

Then I could by that German woman had the live stream where the Romeo´s come running out of the van. 4:16 sec

Katja indicates that it was incomprehensible what this group of undercovers were doing. She also says that she will be in Berlin on Saturday and she expects 15 million people. Yes 15 million!

Walked around a bit further, closed and disconnected.


This is how the police themselves describe what to do with demonstrations. **

The police always imposes conditions on the organization that should be met. For example, the podium speaker has to call to keep 1,5 distance. Of course no hearing is indicated there.

Curious about what exactly the police do during demonstrations? I'm happy to explain!

Agents with the 'flat cap', the mobile unit or officers in plain clothes, they all have a specific role during demonstrations.

Demonstration is a fundamental right. We are visible to ensure that demonstrations run safely.

The policeman 'with a flat cap' has contact with the protesters and keeps an eye on whether everything is going safely and as agreed. If not, he will act.

During demonstrations, agents are also deployed who have been trained as members of the Mobile Unit. They wear a uniform that differs slightly from the normal police uniform. The members of the Mobile Unit work in groups and are present to ensure that a demonstration proceeds in an orderly and safe manner.

As soon as disturbances or disturbances of public order threaten to arise, it can be scaled up. The members of the Mobile Unit then wear their helmets, gaiters and a shield. Often times, this is when the public is asked to leave a location.

They also use horses during demonstrations. From a horse, riders have a good overview. If things get out of hand, the horses can force rioters to walk in a certain direction or scatter a group.

Surveillance dogs can be deployed if there is a disturbance during a demonstration. Often their presence is enough. If things do go wrong, they will take action.

The Arrest Unit (AE) usually walks in plain clothes between protesters. This way they are not noticeable and they can see whether criminal acts are being committed and who the troublemakers are.

The aim of the AE is to isolate and arrest the biggest wheel turners and thus restore peace.



Greetings Jasper S.

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