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Lockdown no effect, measures devastating. And it could have been so simple and beautiful.

We live in an age where common sense continues to grow but the majority still think and reason very superficially. Knowledge must be presented to these people through a television or a newspaper with a well-known name. If not, then it is not really. Exactly as governments prefer to see their citizens.

Lockdowns useless and harmful

A major new study by German scientists at the University of Munich has once again found that lockdowns had no effect whatsoever on reducing the number of so-called coronavirus infections, the replacement or redefinition of the influenza flu. 

University of Munich

“Statisticians from the University of Munich found no direct link between the German lockdown and falling infection rates in the country”, reports the Telegraph.

It's hard to imagine that these scientists are actually relying on useless inaccurate "infection rates" that can't be measured by a PCR test, but that's what the media is reporting.

This is certainly not the only study that has concluded that lockdowns are completely useless and don't work.

Useless to the people. Not for the stakeholders.

In March, Dr. Jay Bhattacharya, Stanford medical professor that lockdowns “the biggest public health mistake in the last 100 years”(source) (source)

Earlier this year, academics from Duke, Harvard and Johns Hopkins that in the next two decades could be about a million additional deaths from lockdowns. (source) (source)

Another study concluded that lockdowns “destroy at least seven times more years of human life instead of saving them.” (source)

“Based on a wide range of scientific data, Just Facts calculated that the fear caused by reactions to Covid-19 – such as stay-at-home orders, business closures, media exaggerations and legitimate concerns about the virus – destroy many lives in the short term. at least seven times more human lives than could possibly be saved without lockdowns to control the spread of this (so-called) virus. This figure is an absolute minimum, and the actual figure is probably more than 90 times greater.” (source)

Antivaxxers: a stupid accusation

People often put us and others away as antivaxxers. How superficial. It also sounds so derogatory. The media loves it. Like the often misinterpreted word conspiracy thinker. It has a different definition than the definition given by the media, and thus the followers.

If there is a good vaccine against something that will allow us to live longer and save people, of course most are not against it.

However, we are always against coercion and we are very critical of a vaccine that has already killed many more people than all vaccines combined in the past 15 years.

And this was over a month ago, so keep counting. And we've only just begun.



This isn't about Tucker Carlson. It concerns what he reads from the CDC figures (the American CBS/RIVM) and the VAERS documents. VAERS, who has been publicly accused for years, several times, of withholding THE GOST of the vaccination deaths before corona. Just google the name.

Then there are the obvious intentions of the WEF with the sign of our own Klaus Schwab, who has very dark intentions with us. These vaccines are also important for the WEF. Think for a moment.

Please excuse us for being very critical of these vaccines

The same goes for the absurd word climate deniers.

How can you deny a climate? We ask questions and I think we overestimate ourselves as humans by pretending that we can control the climate of a 30+ billion year old planet and influence climate change. That's just a conspiracy theory.

The measurements are meaningless, a few years cold, a little warmer, a semi-measurable mini-sample of at most 100 years of a planet that is tens of billions of years old. Who do we think we are?

The disasters that are predicted have been heard for centuries and they never come true.

We are not against vaccines. We are not against a good environment and a clean living environment. We are not against more green and cleaner types of fuel. Rather, it is counteracted by the wrong approach. The reason for the wrong approach is because the climate plans are not intended for a better climate but for greater control over citizens and to create a wider gap between rich and poor.

We are against dangerous unnecessary injections and big lies that force us to obey and step in line for the benefit of a small group of psychopaths and their executors.

When you see the despair of people who have to maintain a story that lacks any logic, you immediately see that something is not right and an enormous alarm bell should immediately ring.

This excerpt is an example of that. You can see that there is a “minister” here who has to maintain a story that even preschoolers would question. You see that hugo feels that he is falling through the cracks.

With a good media, this plandemic would never have happened because with sharp questions you debunk this corona hoax in one evening of TV. But the real questioners are simply not addressed and we do not see actual conversations on TV.

It could have been that simple

We could have handled it so maturely.

The text below is a utopia because we know that Rutte and his gang of crooks already knew. Well before “it broke”.

Reiner Fuellmich explains it very simply here:


But surely we as humans should all find an approach like the following more desirable than what is happening now?

You hear about a virus and you sit down rationally. You want anything but panic. After a while you will have more information and then you can reassure the people.

You urge citizens to be careful and you put the statistics in the right context so that everyone understands them.

That should have happened with the flu long before this “corona crisis” was created, but better late than never. People often have no idea how many people die from or with the flu. Only in the past 400 days have we really seen how many people die each year from the flu. Very much. 11.000 in 2018.

If people would report on the flu every year as they are now doing with corona, people would sit on the couch with fear every flu season. It would be the exact same picture. As a good government you give that to the people and you do not cooperate with a media that sows fear. You resist it.

You say that any media that reports in such a way is guilty of fear mongering and you are persecuting them.

You're informing citizens that the death rates from this virus are similar to those of the flu that's gone and that when you see the big picture, it's nothing to worry about unnecessarily. You show that these are the facts that no one can ignore.

You show the numbers clearly and compare it with previous years for the people.

You ask your citizens to be responsible themselves and to learn a lesson that the flu is not just a flu for people in a risk group. That they don't go to grandpa or grandma when they feel sick. Or to work or elsewhere.

You don't lock up the elderly. Whether they want to take a risk is entirely up to them in a free society. You inform the elderly.

You state that coronaviruses have been around for a long time and have always been collectively referred to as "flu".

You make it clear that under 70 it is almost impossible to die directly from this virus and even above 70 dying directly from corona, the flu or any cold virus is still very small. Indirectly also percentage wise.

You show that even with underlying conditions, only a small percentage dies from or with this virus.

You make it very clear that more than 90% of the deaths are caused WITH and not BY a virus and you clearly explain how people should read that. The average age and the fact that 90% have underlying conditions says so much.

You inform people that by being a little more responsible with the elderly and other vulnerable people, on average we may be able to make people live even longer by using a little more common sense in dealing with them.

The same goes for dealing with younger people who have a condition that makes flu viruses more dangerous for them than for others.

That's it!

But only a government that cares about its citizens and the country would do that.

Instead, the population was kept in terror with dystopian prophecies that never came true and will never come true.

Because a sincere government that wants the best for us does everything except deploy: 

Fascist, life-threatening and devastating measures

Lockdowns, curfews, mouth masks, a government that determines how many people you have in your house, empty football stadiums, having healthy people keep one and a half meters away, washing your hands, daily fear porn from the media making a live show of a flu virus, an economy demolish by closing everything, locking up the elderly and letting them languish away, forcing people to only see their own loved one or family for half an hour with a glass in between, not letting people sing in a church and people “Let them shut up”.

That's not what a sincere government does. In no case.

And what a government certainly does not do is, in addition to the measures mentioned, FORCE people to take a (dangerous) vaccine and otherwise take away their rights.

And all this has been done by our government without any consultation with the citizens. 

The referendum has not been wiped off the map for nothing.

Dangerous government

Real leaders reassure the people with the facts that we have collected after more than 400 days.

But our government has proved life-threatening.

This government locked up the elderly and did the same to healthy people. This government has destroyed everything we hold dear. For no reason. Everywhere in the world where one did not participate in this madness, all persons who did not participate in this madness are better off. Rutte and his retinue dragged us into this madness. He made that choice consciously as chief responsible for the Netherlands.

Vaccine Pandemic

Now we are in the midst of a vaccine pandemic.

And that pandemic is going to destroy a lot of unnecessary lives with death or chronic conditions.

People who die from a cold or flu virus, or call it covid19 if you will, die a natural death. They are on average 83 years old and more than 90% worldwide have very different background conditions such as cancer, heart problems or lung problems.

These are irrefutable facts. The juggling around it is to mislead you.

We know almost no people who died of covid19 because it was the last push for thousands of older people who had completely different illnesses.

The immune system is often completely destroyed and a virus gives the last fatal, or sometimes through severe suffering, the redemptive push.

This is exactly what happened to almost all "covid deaths" in the Netherlands in the past 400+ days.

It's life as we know it. Just like every year with the flu which, again, is gone according to the official figures.

Do you know a celebrity who died directly from corona? No. Someone from your neighborhood then? No, unless you know one of the 0,3% who died directly from one of those viruses. But then you are an exception. Which can.

The rest don't notice because there are no differences with previous years.

Corona measures

The only thing that reminds us of a virus are the measures, such as mouth caps and the other crazy measures.

If they remove face masks from society, it is known that people will be more inclined to take back all their freedoms themselves. Then there is nothing more could possibly protect Tegen a possible virus.

You see it very often in people who have doubts, but still to be sure but cooperate. That's what the masks do.

So don't count on us getting rid of these measures because that won't happen if we don't do anything ourselves. Fortunately, more and more people are doing something and fortunately people like Fuellmich and his army of good people in the courts are also doing a lot.

That might force them to do the right thing, but don't count on the government itself to get us out of this. Then you do not understand what power means and how people with power reason and think.

We should at most temporarily be allowed a little more, but unnecessary rules remain and the blueprint is already there. The sheep are easy to put back in their loft. They tried it for the very first time, without violence, and they succeeded. The second time is a breeze.

It's no shame that people don't know what's going on in the world. Not exactly, because everyone is not expected to closely follow the world news all day long. We have a life to live and you want to rely on honest media and honest government.

But there are always people who do and follow what is going on in the world 24/7. Often with the best intentions for the world and especially for their own compatriots. Listen to those people I would say, instead of putting them away as idiots like the media and politicians like to see

The situation is so serious for our future and that of our children.

The government is not going to get us out of this. At most temporarily, but the blueprint is already there and the sheep are easy to put back in their pen.

Even though it is openly said that the mouth caps have no medical function but serve to influence behaviour: People are so brainwashed and don't even hear it anymore.



Vaccines are dangerous!

These vaccines will cost the lives of many (known) young and old people without these people being ill.

Unlike corona, this will actually produce harrowing stories.

Again, well over 90% of the covid deaths basically died of another disease. A natural death.

The deaths caused by the vaccine are simply healthy people (of course also weaker people, they sting everyone) and die unnecessarily. Sometimes voluntarily because they are eager for a free bowl of fries or because they actually believe that there really is a pandemic going on. But sadly enough also people who don't want it but are being blackmailed. Either a vaccine or you've lost your job and your freedom.

A greater crime against humanity cannot be imagined. Especially because of the great dangers and misinformation about the vaccines. Oops, what will this do to the injected in the long run?

And they come now for your children.

We already know the following about that and it will unfortunately be no different with other vaccines and there are more harrowing stories to come.



Get out of that irrational fear, use your common sense. STOP the madness. We are people. LIVE! 

The corrupt house of cards collapses if we think and not be forced and we live happily ever after.

More connected than ever before because we see through everything together. Isn't that a nice prospect? A society based on common sense with united citizens?

For us yes, for them not.

If only everyone knew that. This is not a left-right story. This is not about opinions. This is a story in which a relatively small group of powerful people will always try to breed polarization by putting the blame on the people themselves. Crisis upon crisis upon crisis upon crisis.


It's so good that we were banned from Facebook for 3 days by the Dutch fact-checkers.

This while the facts are based on The Lancet, a peer-reviewed medical journal of, for and by doctors and scientists worldwide.

Not 95% effective, but only 1%


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