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London suddenly locked up because of 70% more contagious new virus variant

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A newly emerged variant of the coronavirus is probably 70 percent more contagious, according to experts.

London, the southeast and east of England start from Sunday morning again locked.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said this.

The new restrictions will be broadly the same as the nationale limitations that in november were imported into England.

The restrictions will run for two weeks and will be reviewed on December 30.

The discovery of the new strain was already announced last week.

Based on the initial analysis of data on it, a special advisory group finds that this new strain is spreading faster.

Whether this variant is also 'deadlier' is not yet clear.

Travel should be limited as much as possible, non-essential stores should close and fitness centers should also be closed.

People are no longer allowed to enter or leave the areas in lockdown, Johnson announced.

The rules on social contacts are also becoming stricter in the affected areas.

Residents of London and the other regions are allowed no Contact with people outside their own household.

Not even at Christmas.

Britons living in a different, 'less affected region', be allowed to a 'Christmas bubble'forms with maximum three other families, but only on Christmas day.

"We can't go on for Christmas as planned," said Boris Johnson.

Three days ago the Prime Minister said that it “inhumanWould be to cancel Christmas.

"But when the facts change, you have to change your approach," Johnson said.

According to him, the transmission speed of the new variant should not be ignored.

"If the virus changes its attack method, we have to change our defense method," said the prime minister.


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