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The vast majority of newspapers in the Netherlands are owned by two media groups and the vast majority of reports in these newspapers are drawn from the major news stations. This explains on the one hand why the reporting is such a uniformity and on the other hand it explains why the reporting seems to be the mouthpiece of the governments (b). After all, governments can more easily exert their influence on a few large parties than on a range of independent news services. We see this phenomenon happening in front of our very noses worldwide.

During this plandemic, the Reformatorisch Dagblad has already caught my eye a few times in a positive sense. Positive in the sense that it has already happened several times in the Reformatorisch Dagblad that difficult themes are often discussed from several sides. As a result, the newspaper does not act as a pusher of the government narrative, but feeds the readers with information from which they can draw their own conclusions.

This also applies to the fierce battle that is currently raging over whether or not to inject a 'vaccine' experiment in children.

The Reformatorisch Dagblad gives the floor to two doctors:

“Get vaccinated in addition to a healthy diet”

Jan Peter Peters. image RD, Anton Dommerholt

"I would strongly suggest that teenagers get a corona jab," advises the Beekberg GP Jan Peter Peters. “You do vaccination in the first place for yourself: it reduces the risk of serious illness, hospitalization and Lung Covid. But you can also get a shot to protect vulnerable fellow human beings.”

“Young people are a link in the chain of the virus,” continues Peters. “Most infections are currently taking place among them. They transmit the virus to others. I therefore find it not surprising that the government is committed to vaccinating healthy teenagers.” Vaccination reduces the chance of passing on the virus. “As a young person, you therefore contribute to the fight against the pandemic.”

Healthy young people have a small chance of becoming seriously ill from a corona infection, but can get a fever for a few days from a shot. Do the advantages of vaccination outweigh the disadvantages? Peters thinks so. "Those few days when someone can't feel well are nothing compared to the serious consequences of Covid-19 for some young people or others to whom they transmit the virus."

Peters knows a number of people in their twenties from his practice with Long Covid. “They have had a wasted year in which they have barely been able to do anything. The insidious thing is that anyone can have long-term complaints from an infection, including young people who were previously perfectly healthy.”

Isn't it better that young people ensure a healthy lifestyle and diet? “I can heartily recommend that. But expecting that you can win the war with that is an illusion. There are many examples of people who have put maximum effort into this and yet have become seriously ill from corona. In addition to a healthy lifestyle, also take a vaccine.”

The Beekberg GP sees "a lot of blessing" on vaccination in the Netherlands. “90 percent of Covid patients in hospital are not vaccinated. Other infectious diseases, such as tetanus, measles and polio, have also become very rare or even eradicated thanks to vaccination.”

The consequences of the corona vaccines in the medium to long term are still unknown. Isn't it dangerous to get a shot? Peters doesn't think so. “So far there have been few negative consequences. I see this objection mainly as panic football. Moreover: we stand with our backs against the wall. We are in the middle of a pandemic and do not have the time to test the vaccines for years first.”



"Picking pointless and dangerous"

Huib Rutten. image Huib Rutten

"Vaccinating teenagers is completely pointless," says general practitioner and former emergency care specialist Huib Rutten from Leeuwarden, Friesland. "Children already have a great immune system and rarely get sick from corona."

So far, only a few children have died from Covid-19 in the Netherlands. Rutten: "Do you have to expose 1,2 million children to the risks of vaccination?"

According to the GP, vaccination increases the risk of heart inflammation, unilateral facial paralysis and possibly reduced fertility. He bases the latter on research that would show that vaccinated rats were 10 percent less fertile than the placebo group.

Rutten is also wary of nanoparticles, tiny particles that are in vaccines and that can cross the blood-brain barrier. “It is unknown what these particles do. If you don't know that, you must have good reasons for conducting an experimental treatment.”

Young people can have long-term complaints from a corona infection. Isn't that a reason to vaccinate them? "Absolutely not. Long Covid is estimated to occur in only a few percent of young people who have been infected. That is comparable to other viral diseases. As early as the 80s, people wrote about people who didn't get back to their old self after a serious flu.”

Rutten, who has indicated to his employer that he does not want to do any injections, also finds vaccination of the elderly unnecessary in most cases. “Most of them have a mild infection. Those who do become seriously ill often already have underlying conditions: diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular disease.”

He advises elderly people who want to protect themselves against Covid-19 to take vitamin D. "At least 2000 units a day."

How do we get out of the pandemic without vaccination? Rutten: “Which pandemic? Since May last year, the numbers have been so low that this is no longer the case. Incidentally, many people already have antibodies against the virus: according to blood bank Sanquin, 93 percent.”




I think this is how it should be.

I would think it would be even better if the Reformatorisch Dagblad could bring these two doctors together to exchange their ideas, opinions and knowledge. But that would still be a bridge too far.


I came across another video by Stefan Noordhoek who takes a critical look at the reporting of the mainstream media, the NOS in this case:



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