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Don't you realize what kind of World YOU ARE Living in now?

Our dictators have hun future plans for us “Please note” rolled out with reservation.

¨ The relaxation of the corona rules on April 21 is not yet possible due to the poor figures because hospitals are full and the infection rates are still high.

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Will there be a new GOLF?

New relaxation of the corona rules will only come when the peak of the third corona wave, which the Netherlands is currently in, has passed. This is what caretaker minister Hugo de Jonge says at the press conference about corona.


Read here, if the peak of the third wave is over.

So I read this as, that every wave has its peak (s). So wave 1 had its peak (s) and then disappeared. That must be because otherwise a second wave could never have started. And so also from the 2nd to this 2rd wave.

So now there has been no easing after the "1st" wave. catering industry closed etc, etc.

This is also the case after the 2nd wave.

So what tells us that when the third corona wave drops in, they don't just start counting to the 4th wave again, and so on? Not the "conditionally" rolled out plans.

openingplan_route map


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