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Okay, there's a lot to criticize about Donald Trump. There are many things that you should seriously question if you are genuinely critical.

But for those who seek sovereignty and love their country, Donald Trump was a gift. A gift from heaven. Especially then.

The energy he radiated and how he transferred that energy to the people, to people who love their flag and their country, was something magical.

A President who shows himself to be a leader. A President who was available 24/7 and made it known.

One more time: Donald Trump:


We love you!

Tens of thousands of people who, every rally, "We love you!" sing to their President. Unique! And they are still calling it.


I like this a bit more than Mark Rutte.

Can you see him standing there? I do. In the midst. Pillory and we can throw rotten eggs and tomatoes. He still does very well.

Spread the freedom!

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