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The betrayal of the Lügenpresse in the Netherlands

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The toughest times ever for all of us and ALL media are turning against you.

The toughest times ever for all of us and ALL media are turning against you.
The consequences of these “corona measures” cannot be foreseen within a few weeks.

The first hypocrite of the media who is going to write to us about this, should first look back after what they have published themselves. This is nothing like that.

People with cancer were not helped. People who had wounds were not helped and thousands of them had to have their legs amputated.

Everything had to make way for that k * tcorona that does not bother anyone and it is certainly not more important than the other real causes of death.

It's one big farce. A scam! An obvious game of politicians without empathy. Without feeling. They follow an agenda.

Elderly people get lonely, die of grief. There is popular depression. We are being humiliated, fined, terrorized by the state and everything we had is taken away from us.

First the companies go, then the jobs, not to mention the psychological damage this causes.
In the days and weeks to come, we will see how serious matters, which anyone who has not looked the other way, will spread like an oil slick across this country. And if this government and this media are not stopped NOW, after all the damage they have already done, then the damage is incalculable.

EVERYONE is affected by these measures. Nobody is bothered by Corona.
This government and the media MUST STOP.
Benevolently ... or unwillingly ...

They are guilty of thousands, tens of thousands of victims. There is blood on the hands of our media and our government. Lots of blood.

They just keep going… as if nothing is going on and we are in the middle of a pandemic. But they are going to pay that bill! The "wrong" giants are awakening.

Spread the freedom!

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