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Lying and cheating hugo is the most dangerous man in the Netherlands

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Dangerous Hugo de Jonge lies and cheats.

The life-threatening outgoing minister of health has no qualms about killing or maiming people.

hugo is just an executor of real power but that doesn't make him any less dangerous. It was not.

He has put his ego and other interests above the welfare of mankind. Fully aware.

Sound harsh and overdone? Then you are not aware of what this figure is doing and you will come home from a rude awakening. This must be said. This should become clear to everyone. These people have no empathy and cannot empathize with other people. These people have a mindset that we cannot comprehend because we are not psychopaths.

It's not just Hugo. rutte is a suit from the same cloth.

These words have to get out. You can no longer nuance this. The damage is incalculable. This man is crazy and dangerous. It cannot be explained in nicer words.

“You create a climate in which the young may be threatened.”, other sickening politicians and the media would say. But we're not getting into that. It is people like hugo who create a climate that makes us diametrically opposed as a population and these charlatans are responsible for unnecessary injuries and deaths.

They create a climate in which thinking differently and wanting to uncover the truth are often threatened. While they play the other side and enslave them to the state by exploiting their naivety. You have to criticize that because our culture, our way of life and our freedom are about to be taken from us. Many good people will stand up and assuming that the truth and the good always win, I would not like to be in the young man's shoes.

Denying all his lies and ignoring all warnings about the measures and this man is denying irrefutable truths. The people who do this en masse are the biggest reason that this fairy tale is being maintained and that "new normal" will be pushed through. The House already announced today through votes that it does not oppose the Chinese Credit System. Let that sink in.

And so it begins. And yes, they are really going to do it. As they have already done many incredible things that we thought no one would ever accept.

It is incomprehensible that many people do not look a little further. To argue. Swearing. “Conspiracy theorists” shout. Laughing away arguments. Not to look at the truth that is lying in front of them on a silver platter. Let alone with an open mind.

You want to help your fellow man, show something. But people are far gone.

Soon parents will be laughing with their child to get the syringe. No clue what they're doing.

MC Leeuwarden

This is how this crazy man works: 

Protect yourself and others. "What a crazy person!", everyone would have said about such a man in 2019, but in 2021 three quarters are walking in a trance through the media, fear and social pressure.

The pathological liar Hugo de Jonge continues to get away with it and humiliates, through his derogatory behavior, ordinary normal people who do not just let themselves be pricked with an experimental substance. Sensible people.

When you hear hugo raving about the numbers next to it and everyone would understand the context, then the whole population would head for The Hague and drag this guy out of the Binnenhof with their own hands.

There would be a public outcry. God forbid, we'd rather not have violence.

But, and that is incomprehensible, many people do not see it. This while there has never been so much evidence that disproves a lie of this magnitude. They don't want to see it and you find out that people you thought you knew aren't interested in what you have to say at all.

This while doing so with good intentions. You care about them and want to warn them about what is actually going on. It is not a political discussion where two people exchange their opinions. It is the passing on from person to person of what reality is. Why the hate?

Our future, if it's up to the people at the top, is already mapped out and we're watching and standing by as we get dragged into it. And however it is brought. No one is waiting for that Great Reset. And when you start to reason through what it all means to us, it makes you sick.

That's why people are shouting it from the rooftops. It is not for nothing that so much has been done in the past year and a half by awake citizens through initiatives, actions, expressing your freedom of expression in some kind of media format or in blogs. Call it Free Media. In our case it is rather: Concerned citizens who had very different plans in their lives but feel called to it.

Leeuwarden Hospital

This is also a ready-made example of doing it for the herd. It is unquestioningly accepted while it is big nonsense.

First look at the tweet above and then look at the reality.

A play with striking photos, while in practice there is no one. And people are working on it.

The vast majority? What % of the 0 withdrawals then? Or one or two if you're "lucky"? Elderly people especially with very different illnesses among the members.



And we see this image in all municipalities in the lengthy excel sheet that contains all information from the beginning of 2020.

There's nothing wrong.

If you have 1 withdrawal today and 2 tomorrow, you indeed have an increase of no less than 200%. And if two out of three are not vaccinated, the media and politicians will immediately head to abuse your credulity. This way you make something out of nothing.

It's just how you bring it.

10 shots a week. last week. It's ridiculous. It's absurd.

This does not apply to the number of vaccination victims, by the way. And they want to pierce.

So they consciously want to increase or increase the numbers of vaccine victims and deaths. But not for the stats this time. These are not discussed and questions about them are set aside as undermining public health.

In this list you can see all admission figures per day, per region or municipality as of February 27, 2020.

Click here to download. The figures are from the RIVM. The numbers show it clearly: This is one big scam that is costing many lives because of the POLICY to achieve a target imposed on the governments. Not by a virus


The list shows that we live in a set up lie. An illusion. A non-existent danger has been created to justify making people do dangerous experimental things.

The endless list goes on with an abundance of zeros.

But hugo the liar makes fun of even vaccinated people. (source)

hugo de Jonge: a ruthless criminal

The manipulative psychopath Hugo, who deliberately injures and kills people, twists the truth and misleads people.

You can see all about it here:

Corona is not a novel virus. It's not new. It's a common cold virus that we've been living with since 2002. They have chosen a year. Knowing that the grios of the population think that the flu is not deadly but only the flu. This while millions of people die every year. It's always been that way.

Vaccines, on the other hand, are new and untested. We see with our own eyes how disastrous they can be in the short term. But perhaps the biggest problems of all come in the long run. When we listen to the explanation of, among others, the inventor of the mRNA vaccine Robert Malone and other highly respected scientists (who are now suddenly ridiculed), we come to the conclusion that this gene therapy greatly affects the immune system.

Before you receive a vaccine, you are obliged to inform you about it. But none of that.

You should also be told that it is not a vaccine but a gene therapy. But you will not hear anything. The less you know, the better. It is the reason why people censor everything where the truth is spoken.

Vaccination deaths will exceed so-called corona deaths worldwide. This is already the case in some countries. But they keep stinging.

The mean age of death from the killer virus is 82 years old. That is the average life expectancy of humans. Most of these people were already dying.

The people who are victims of the corona vaccine are on average less than 82 years old. It is people from all age groups who die or develop serious (chronic) complaints because they have fallen for it. And they prefer to inject that into children of 2 years old. The children are the most important. They have to grow up in the New Normal. One or two generations later and people don't know any better, or at least that's how they probably reason.

hugo the liar wants to keep injecting. Doesn't matter who. Doesn't matter what age. The booster shot is coming. That's the 3rd vaccine. And you'll never get rid of it. The 4th is also coming. The 5th too. And won't you continue to pierce? Then previous shots will expire and you will have just as many restrictions as non-vaccinated people. The blackmail is of the vilest level and it is pure psychological abuse.

The group that simply lives on as before are people who have been wise by not having themselves injected and taking part in an experimental gene therapy.

And the Chamber, and especially this scammer, want to exclude that group. Think carefully!

To repeat again: Hugo the Younger is a psychopath and a criminal. A normal person would not be able to do this. This man must and will be brought to justice.

He is a danger to society and a traitor to the Netherlands. There is not a good word left for him. People who once realize what he is doing will realize that this article is still very nuanced.

We need to help each other and chase this scum away. For our own good. You have, if you are lucky, 80 years that you are allowed to walk around here on this globe. Are you going to fill that time with fear and as a guinea pig? Don't be cocky. This is serious

Wake up, Netherlands! Just look at it. It's so easy.


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