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Lying and cheating, mark, hugo and the ministry of truth

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The Ministry of Truth is described in George Orwell's book 1984. This ministry is retroactively engaged in distorting lies and falsehoods that come out and adjusting history so that it no longer appears to be lies and falsehoods.


And that is exactly what is happening en masse at the moment.

I have written an article about the Ministry of Truth before.


But it is unfortunately necessary to write about it again.

A few days ago I posted a video of a young man who pointed out to us that the domain name was registered by the central government on February 25, 2020.

Oops, that was another flaw in the filthy game being performed.


However, the AD reported the following a day later:


That Adelbert anyway….. It seemed very unbelievable to me so I started looking further. And it (b) indeed appears to be so.

Fact check:

So this was it, here's the proof:

Not really, but a few screenshots of a few twitter messages can still be found to really prove it all. Clear right?

Or would this all just lie together as quickly?

Can be heard! They could easily have come up with something more believable if it turned out to be the case.


Maarten, the nurse who called in during a radio show of the state broadcaster, has also caused quite a bit of commotion.

Wasn't all true either, made up myself, it doesn't work there at all. 

But it had to be censored quickly and diligently.


CommonSenseTV also expressed doubts in the comments as to whether the Maarten from the promotional video and the Maarten from the telephone conversation are one and the same person. I have listened to the voices several times. The promo video was recorded with professional audio equipment, he reads the words Maarten speaks from the autoque. That is something completely different and that sounds very different from when you call a radio program on your mobile phone and try to tell your story there, while you are constantly interrupted.

Listen again to the 'eeehhh' and the rolling rrrrr of both Maartens and then tell me again that this can't be the same person.


The Ministry of Truth's Biggest Scam…

…I came across it when I discovered that covid-2017 PCR tests were already widely procured by many countries in 2018 and 19. Published by World Integrated Trade Solution, an organization under the wings of the UN and the World Bank, which registers international trade flows. When that was published, among others on CommonSenseTV, the Ministry of Truth was quick to declare that the wrong description had been placed on these goods by mistake. The correct description should have been 'medical test kits'. Reuters fact-check echoed the Ministry of Truth's story.

But yes, it is of course already crazy that in 2017 a covid-19 test kit appears in the database of the UN. Even crazier is that I also encountered the same description in international customs documents (World Customs Organisation) and in Chinese export statistics.

Seems very implausible, covid-19 pcr tests in 2017!?!? That can't be true, you think? But consider that something super simple like a face mask, a piece of cloth with 2 strings, wasn't available at the start of the plandemic, but something as complicated as a prc-covid-19 test, including all the labs where they (perhaps supposedly) analyzed them. have never been a lack anywhere in the world!

Feel free to question everything and assume that no lie goes too far for them.


I no longer believe what hugo and mark are trying to tell us all. Pathological liars, psychopathic liars, maybe they tell the truth every once in a while. Just like a broken watch also shows the correct time twice a day.

But assume that as soon as you see the lips of these kind of charlatans move that you hear lies spread.


We don't listen to each other's arguments, is a phrase I see often these days.

And then I think: "yes, but wait a minute, I'd love to hear arguments. But then for arguments with a substantiation”.

"You're antisocial and a wappie if you don't get that syringe."

I don't think that's an argument. That's a dirty sales lie. If someone of medical science and experience can demonstrate to me through independent studies that these vaccines are good for something, safe and necessary, I'd be happy to watch and listen. But all I see are reports produced by the pharma industry whose front pages are always jubilant about the efficacy and safety of the syringes.

(Necessity isn't what they're talking about, but I get that. Necessity is a doctor's decision. At least, that's how it should be, isn't it 2nd class frikandellenboer?)

But if you read further in the pharma reports, you will discover that even they cannot keep up with the functioning and safety with dry eyes.

Independent studies invariably point to great dangers and renowned immunologists think you are crazy if you take the syringe.

According to hugo and his fellow charlatans it is life threatening to prevent the syringe from pumping into your body:



Well, who am I to believe? The immunologists? The independent investigations? Pfizer's own studies? ab osterhaus? Or the promise of a coke-sniffing frikandellen farmer. Or should I believe the masses of people who call you and me anti-social, who call you and me a wappie, who call you and me a danger to their health, because they have heard from schoolmaster hugo that you should not whine, just next to nothing have to take.

They do believe him.

Never mind, then I don't need the syringe. And I don't need your arguments either.

I can't deal with those kinds of arguments. Since the beginning of this hoax, I myself have been researching what is happening, what is said and written, into the seriousness of the situation, into the effectiveness of the measures and I have noticed that everything that happens is nothing, absolutely nothing. has to do with our health. A completely different agenda is playing in the background.


Recently I was 'at a cafe' with some acquaintances and friends from 'my' village.

I always try to avoid the conversation about covid, corona and vaccines, because where I live almost everyone does what the government says and very few people (just my wife and I) have not had the poison syringe injected. The Belgian government has also promised its residents a 'digital wallet'. Of course that sounds much better than a QR code or digital access pass.

Those Belgian dictators are not that stupid.

Anyway, at some point the subject was touched upon. One of the attendees, a friend of mine, someone I've known for over 10 years, an intelligent woman, brought up the subject, mainly because I'm not vaccinated and they know it. And that was discussed for a while.

She already knows I do a lot of research. But I told her again that I do a lot of research. I told her I have documents proving that this whole game has been planned years in advance.

She told me: I do not believe that.

"Okay, just look at the evidence I have."

No, I don't believe it and if I do, I don't want to know.

That was quite a shock to me.

“Why don't you want to know?” I asked her.

She said: I have my job, I love my love (that's what it's called in Belgium), I have my house, I'm happy, I want to keep it that way.


I was completely silent at first. And then I began to fully understand what cognitive dissonance really means. I wish my girlfriend all the best in the world, but she locks herself up in a cocoon and hopes that all this misery will pass her by.

But it won't be like that. It's like 80 years ago with many Jews who thought that if they just obeyed the rules, it would eventually pass. Luckily I once met and knew a few Jewish guys who hadn't dutifully followed the rules at the time. Two brothers, who didn't trust the business and ran off. The boys fled on foot through Belgium and France to Switzerland and survived the horror. Unlike the rest of their family.

How will it be this time? We don't know exactly yet. But it is certain: It will not pass, it will not pass, it will only get worse and worse and the cocoon you are trying to hide in will not protect you.


Cognitive dissonance!

I could have cried out, but it's no use. I better keep quiet or else another relationship will be lost.

I've been through the craziest things. You probably do too. Friends, acquaintances, colleagues, neighbors who have suddenly become completely obsessed with the 'virus' and government propaganda. People you used to take for granted are now fully infected with the virus that has completely wiped out their brain power. Ask them how many people they know personally, who during the most terrible pandemic of the past hundred years, a pandemic that has now lasted more than a year and a half, how many people they know personally who had to go to hospital and/or died… . I ask people I meet at every opportunity. And the conclusion is always: Where is the pandemic?


I really have no idea how to deal with that. There are no arguments we can listen to, because they simply don't have any.

Except hugo, she does have:




Maybe it's a test.

Perhaps the real goal is to seriously thin out the world's population. And what could you be better off than? The intelligent people or the stupid sheep and sleepers? You and I know the answer. And maybe Klaus (you know, Mark's good friend) knows what he's doing too.

Perhaps it is all a test indeed. Who will persevere, who will remain strong, who will continue to refuse, who is strong enough to say: then don't go to the pub or the cinema. Who has enough character and enough intelligence to ignore the propaganda, pierce the lies, continue to resist…..

The strong will find their way and persevere. The suckers get their new syringes every six months or every 3 months to still be allowed to waddle to mc.donalds and cram in another disgusting "hamburger" and a tray of fried cardboard they call french fries over there . A lifetime of smoking, eating, drinking, 150 kilos, get a syringe and you can enter. But the 'wappie' who is healthy is suddenly the threat to 'their, eating and drinking fat bags, health' because the really healthy people do not want a poison syringe in his body. fuck you all!!!!!!

That could very well be the test.

And so I really don't have to listen to the arguments of those kinds of people. People who have had a blow from the panic propaganda mill!

It has now gone so far that state propaganda TV broadcasts animated films for small children, video game animations for young people and rap clips for the adolescents that promote the shooting of unvaccinated people. To kill the unvaccinated.

“No, Marcel, now you're talking big fat nonsense. That can not be true".

Unfortunately dear people, it is really true.





Can someone please explain to me why it is allowed on state propaganda television to threaten death and call on people who do not want to be injected with a completely unnecessary, inoperative, dangerous poison syringe to actually do so?

Can I be threatened with death by hugo and mark? Can hugo call to blow me off?

If so, can someone explain to me why it is a crime to threaten dictatorial monsters like Hugo and Mark with death?

If they call for this kind of violence, if they think it's okay, if it's paid for with our tax dollars and broadcast on state television, they deserve to be shot more than anyone!

Arguing is pointless. Lies don't really reveal either.

It doesn't matter what lies and what wrongs and wrongs are revealed.

mark van ransbak with his panic course, the pcr test that proved not to work and was proven to be present in 2017, the fact that there is still no sars-cov-2 virus, they just keep on lying.

The hospitals are filling up again. Now with a mix of covid and flu patients. Crazy, huh? Those syringes worked so well. And what about the people who have to go to the hospital because of the syringes? Crazy, huh? Those syringes were so safe, right? And all those people who do not participate in this panic pandemic, who do not allow themselves to be provoked and stand firm, who look after their health, they do not get sick. Crazy, huh? Wasn't it so necessary?

Doctor Hugo explains it again:



Dangerous virus, it can affect anyone, stick to the measures, take a syringe every 6 months, take the QR code, demonize those who refuse the syringe.

These are things that are very easy for people to understand. All the fuss about the PCR test and a virus that doesn't exist, and a syringe full of graphene oxide, that is a bridge too far for most good citizens. A show too far from the homely bed.


But hugo, with your foresight you have scaled down hospital capacity significantly. That was, of course, because you knew that those syringes, you know, that are going to make us all better and you rich, keep us from going to the hospital. Please explain how it is possible that we still get the full fear porn poured out on us that the hospitals will soon fill up again? The vast majority of people have obediently allowed the gene-therapy syringe to be experimented in their body. “Tested through and through and completely safe”. Did you say yourself. "You better not take 2." That's what you said. "You'd better take 3." That's what you said.

What is it now? Do the syringes work? Then why are the hospitals overflowing? Or is that because the syringes don't work? Or is it because the people themselves are stupid enough to take 3. Of course they didn't understand that when you said they shouldn't take 2, it was better to leave it at one. Those people thought 2 syringes was dangerous. And 3 syringes, you said that that is good for your immune system.




hugo, you have a different talk every week. Completely contradictory to previous talk or completely new lies, you don't give a shit. Apparently you have a huge interest in selling the syringes.

Are there still half-sleeping people who think the syringes are 'free'?

First of all, you have to realize that if something is free, then you are probably the product. Just let that sink in for a while! Which product are you if you get a 'free syringe' injected into your body? What else are they going to do to you?



But it's even crazier.

They are just telling you that the syringe is free. You just pay it, and the campaigns around it too. Recently, 140 thousand euros has been spent on a big fat daddy who appears to be a GGD doctor and who has to incite you with a disgusting campaign to have that poison syringe put in. Even in pregnant women.

All scientists around the world agree that this is a terribly bad plan. But after watching this video, surely you will no longer have any doubts?


Well I no longer have any doubts.

Free vaccines!

Why do you think you pay 2 euros at the pump now? Why do you think the prices of your groceries are skyrocketing? Why do you think your gas and electricity bill will turn out 400 euros higher this year? All those extra cents are for Pfizer and Moderna, because the money you pay is used to buy the syringes. And don't worry, hugo and mark get their commission through the back door.

Whatever they're coming up with right now, the interests that play in the background, it's all so transparent. It's so easy to puncture their lies.

But they don't care, if we bust another lie, they'll just make up another one.

And the nos and now and the telegraaf and rtl, they lie behind it nicely.





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