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Macron pushes people to their limits: “Unvaccinated people are selfish and irresponsible”

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“Unvaccinated selfish and irresponsible”

As predicted, macron is leading the way in portraying the unvaccinated as the culprits of everything.

While traveling in French Polynesia, Emmanuel Macron once again defended vaccination to fight the coronavirus.

“We have a weapon that must be used, namely the vaccine. And I want to send out a very strong message to call on everyone to get vaccinated."

And about the mass protests against this cruel dictator and his vaccination passports:

“This is not freedom, this has been called irresponsibility, selfishness.”

Against all logic but the man hopes that most of the French people will still swallow this inverted truth.

“We are all attached to freedom. But what is your freedom worth if you say: I don't want to be vaccinated?"

“But tomorrow if you infect your father, your mother or myself, I will be a victim of your freedom when you had the opportunity to have something to protect you and me. “

He also briefly exclaimed: “There are people who find themselves in irrational mobilization, sometimes cynical and manipulative. I support science.”Macron said of a vaccine that has not yet been approved by the FDA and has already killed tens of thousands of people in all age groups.

Look at them all:

Republican Guard Turn Against Macron?

There are rumors that The Republican Guard, a security detail created to protect the president of France, have ALL resigned and will no longer protect President Macron. “Macron is not worth dying for.”, the sound would be from the Guard. (source) (source) (source) (source).

Others contradict this claiming the opposite. But if we look at the Facebook page or other social media and the website itself of the Garde, then nothing is (yet) talked about.

Martine Wonner, Member of the National Assembly for the 4th constituency of Bas-Rhin, took this message to Twitter, among other things, but it has since been removed.

We consider it just a rumor for now but will keep an eye on it.

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