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Macron visiting Poland

Coming Monday, the French President Emmanuel Macron will be visiting Poland for the first time.

Brexit is a fact and Poland is becoming more important. It is up to him to try to restore the tension between the countries, under tension.

Poland is more important than before, now that Britain is again sovereign and has been relieved of the European Union.

Poland is now one of the largest countries within the EU. Together with Germany and France, the three countries represent nearly half of all Europeans.

That is going to be difficult. The conservative government is going to radically change their legal system. These changes again violate European law. (source)

The new reform proposals made by the right-wing conservative Law & Justice party  PiS (Prawo i Sprawiedliwość) would limit the disciplinary responsibility of judges. Poland is going to change the rules and wants to implement that the First President of the court will be elected from now on. (source)

Other new rules from the right-wing conservatives also make it possible to punish judges when they are involved in political activities.

The ruling party says that changes to the law are needed to fight corruption and reform the legal system. This system is still a system that dates back to the time of communism according to PiS. (source)

These reforms may cause Poland to have to leave the EU because they clash with EU regulations. (source)

Macron, who was only almost lynched during a theater visit by his own people (source) , should also talk about the climate religion and to Europe one Co2 free continent to make before 2050. 

These objectives of the European Union were immediately undermined. The Poles refused to pursue this goal. (source)

The relations between these two countries, and with other countries with globalists at the helm such as Merkel in Germany and Rutte in the Netherlands, are at its best. cool to name. Macron accused the Polish party PiS and Hungarian Prime Minister Orbán of "Lie to the population". 

The mass protests against Macron in France meanwhile continue. So again last week. (source) (source)

An impression of the immigration policy in Poland:

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