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Maid's speech Caroline van der plas on behalf of BoerBurgerBeweging: “Deep, deep shame…”

It is interesting to see, thanks to the timing of this umpteenth scandal, new entrants immediately see with their own eyes how the game is played there. 

These have not turned out to be conspiracy theories and to be confronted with them so directly that is perhaps a good thing.

"We were very proud when we entered our tractor on March 18.", said Caroline van der Plas during a great maiden speech.

Caroline van der Plas has probably seen what she actually already knew, but confirmation is hard. With your nose in the butter.

“But I can tell you that there is little left of that. We now feel deep shame. ”


The newbies with a heart and hopefully common sense will immediately see what is wrong in this country. They can actually choose a side right away. The right side or the wrong side.

This clique of politics, this cartel, is so thoroughly corrupt and aimed at all but the citizens that we should indeed be shamed to death. We know. We see it. Now it has yet to be overthrown.

Van der Plas explains well what she has already seen and seems to want to say that there is a clear battle going on here between good and evil. 

She emphasizes that she and BoerBurger Movement want to be there for the citizens.

We need more of these types of people, even real citizens themselves, in (new) politics.

Good entry into BoerBurgerBeweging. Too bad that Khadija interrupted Arib again.

We just have to get used to the abbreviation BBB, but that abbreviation can sometimes become an advantage.

The maiden speech of Caroline van der Plas of the BoerBurgerBeweging:


Source: NOS

Also view the contribution of Thierry Baudet:

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