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Mainstream media demonizes experimental COVID drug

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Several existing drugs have shown promising results in the fight against COVID19, including one against Ebola and another against HIV.

The most discussed drug is hydroxychloroquine, a drug for malaria. The drug has been on the market for 65 years, cheap and safe. Tests in South Korea and France indicate positive effects for patients. Of course, more studies are needed to be (almost) 100% sure that it really is such a panacea, but the interim results are already promising.

Trump praises the drug as a solution for the Coronavirus. New York and France are already using it and RIVM has already ordered a shipment. And then…

A man died after eating an aquarium cleaner because he was convinced that the (non-medical version of) hydroxychloroquine in it could protect him from the disease.

Three Nigerians had also died of an OVERDOSE of the Malaria drug.

That was reason enough for the Mainstream Media and Democrats to demonize the drug as “dangerous,” and the Democratic Governor of Nevada saw an opportunity to ban the drug even if a patient asks for it.

Note that a patient has the legal right to receive experimental treatment if requested.

And, oh yes, "Orange Hitler is pro-hydroxychloroquine, then it must be bad!" said the Democrats and their army of journalists. Whether this is deadly or not is irrelevant in this. The fact that Democrats let their hatred of Trump triumph over patients' health and freedom of choice.

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