In 2016 there was a lot of controversy in the mainstream media about a SYRICAL FAMILY that had applied for ASYLUM in the Belgian consulate of Beirut in Lebanon.

However, according to the applicable rules, NO asylum can be applied FOR FROM abroad and the Belgian Immigration Office therefore rejected the application.

However, the family received legal support from Mieke Van Den Broeck of the Progressive Lawyers Network.

That is an organization that is against the communist PVDA in Belgium.

In a FIRST lawsuit, Belgium was ordered to pay a COMPOSITION as long as the family was not granted asylum.

BUT then Secretary of Asylum and Migration Theo Francken REFUSED to pay that sum and appealed.

In the end he also LEGALLY got it right:

The family asked one 'humanitarian visum for short residence' from the embassy in Lebanon, in order to be able to apply for asylum in Belgium on the grounds of 'inhuman treatment and threat of torture in the country of origin'.

The Syrians claimed that Belgium has violated the so-called non-refoulement principle (Art.3) by REFUSING that visa.

And this is based on an EXTREMELY REMOTE LEGAL interpretation of Art.3.

"Article 3 is intended to protect refugees ALREADY STAYING in Belgium from DEPORTATION to a dangerous country of origin," said secretary Theo Francken.

'But the family now states that not only can I NOT expel people who are threatened with torture or inhumane treatment, but also that I everybody who is threatened abroad ACTIVELY MUST TAKE INTO in Europe ', said the State Secretary.

Through this legal route, the open borders lobby to break down our borders to the ground!

Move our Schengen border to the whole world? NEVER ', says Francken.

Francken resisted.

The Aliens Litigation Council (RVV) decided after a preliminary question to the European Court of Justice that Belgium does NOT have to grant a short-stay humanitarian visa, nor is it obliged to reclassify the application to an application for a visa for a long stay.

The Syrians' lawyers then went with the visa business to the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg.

The family also received support from a Walloon baroness.

BUT on May 5, 2020 they also got there turned down.

The Belgian mainstream media and broadcaster VRT ignored the DECLARATION, however, COMPLETELY in its reporting.

That is striking, because the public broadcaster ALWAYS followed the case closely and the lawyer of the family also regularly appeared in VRT programs such as Terzake, where she could come and have a say about Secretary Francken and give him a HUMAN called.

His Immigration Department was portrayed by her as a 'gang of legal lapzwansen '.

Also about the procedures at the Human Rights Court an extensive report was submitted to the MSM.

But since Theo Francken across the board gewonnen and the family from Aleppo is not allowed to come to Belgium from the judges, the pronunciation of the European Court of Human Rights has not been published in the Belgian mainstream media.

An anonymous viewer sent about that sudden CRAZY QUIET one angry letter to Tim Pauwels, the VRT ombudsman, in which he wrote that he correct en complete demanded reporting from the VRT.

The Ombuds Office subsequently announced that Tim Pauwels had urged the editorial staff of VRT news for CORRECT REPORTING on the matter.

From the answer to the viewer however, it appears that the editor in chief did NOT WANT to respond to that request.

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