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In addition to demonizing an anti-Malaria drug, optimism must also suffer.
The journalist class doesn't like to hear that.

The virus is a godsend for them, as they can suck out terrifying doom scenarios to frighten you and us. And they get paid for it too.

A bit of positivism and sense of reality from independent and honest alternative media, which do want to discuss a number of issues that will always remain a taboo among the mainstream media.

If there is one thing you can take from us, the media is not interested in you. Nothing for the Netherlands and there is only to run a political agenda that leads to all of us getting whatsapps from people who no longer want to live.

It's a gross disgrace, and they're all working on it. No nuance from any side. While there is much good to report!

With pieces like:
"Trump's election odds are now wiped out" (as his popularity grows)
"This is Trump's fault"
“Look a 16 year old has it. We are all dying ”
“To the beach together ?! Ridiculous! ”

and with:

"Back to work? Grrrr, Orange Hitler says that just to make Wall Street happy ”, journalists and Democrats create an atmosphere of fear.

The Democrats don't care about a human life more or less. They hope to kill more. The more the merrier, just to indicate that Donald Trump is failing. They will never succeed.

The only real leader who gives confidence to his people, communicates positivity and makes the average American feel that the government trusts and supports them is this Donald Trump.

Who goes against the negative atmosphere of death and destruction is "Fakenews" or "irresponsible", according to the ivory tower press who celebrate from their penthouses that millions of people will soon lose their jobs.

In the midst of all lies, it's easy to forget that:

-Trump banned as first visit to China. before the first infections in the US.
-That Trump's plan to reboot the economy is all about the welfare of the hardworking American and not necessarily Wall Street.
-Trump's plan to revive the economy is not based on a fixed date, as the media claims. But flexible and depending on the circumstances.


An optimistic message for the American People, from Dr. Fauci from the Corona Task Force:

arl Warwick, Coronavirus update: 'Just let the economy run'

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