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Mainstream media network tackles corona and vaccine lies


The Daystar Television Network (commonly referred to as Daystar Television, often abbreviated to Daystar) is an American evangelical Christian religious television network owned by the Word of God Fellowship, founded by Marcus Lamb in 1993. 

The network reaches more than 108 million homes in the US through all major cable companies and satellite systems. Globally, Daystar reaches more than 2 billion viewers in every country around the world every day. Daystar is the fastest growing faith-based television network in the world. (source)

And it is precisely this network that has started a campaign to bring out the truths about the so-called covid19 virus and the vaccines. Uncensored (in their own words). (source)

They themselves say about this:

COVID-19 uncensored

What is the truth about COVID-19? Where can you go to find answers, while chaos and confusion are gripping people all over the world? ”

“While most mainstream and social media outlets have decided to censor physicians offering treatment options for COVID-19, we want you to hear them first-hand and be empowered to make informed decisions about your health. Filled with proven wisdom and sound advice, these programs will strengthen your faith and encourage you to live in victory!” (source) is busy translating this video series and the first episode is clear.

Be the resistance itself says about this:

Perhaps these broadcasts / videos are actually extra warning and useful for those who up to now had put all their trust in governments and doctors to show that we are dealing with a worldwide genocide. Nothing less.

Now the latter is the conclusion of many others in this regard, including WDW (Be the Resistance), but not necessarily that of Daystar. There they mainly stick to one perilous 'experiment'.

Despite this being short of the truth, the series of videos is still extremely suitable to share with family, friends and acquaintances who so far persistently see the 'vaccine' as a great savior.

Tribute to for subtitling these videos.

Finally, the messages come from people like Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, as well as many other prominent figures, brought to the attention of billions of people worldwide.

This is the first video. The rest of the videos will also be translated by Wees de Resistance.



Daystar Covid19 research:

FOX News presenter Tucker Carlson also recently exposed the dangers of the vaccine, but Tucker continues to base his information as if we have actually had a terrible corona pandemic while this is not reflected in any statistics.

This is again the video with Tucker Carlson.

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