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Your Majesty, King of the Netherlands ...

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Dear Willem,

I have to admit… I shed a tear this afternoon.
I realized that you have lost your kingdom to both your attention and interest.

I see you reading the work of copywriters without having any sense of the current circumstances in your country.

While you are apparently clearly agitated that you have been taken out of your splendid home in Austria for this, since your servants there considered it necessary that this tradition should calm things down.

- Sorry Koning, ff Dutch in between.

You cannot act and be concerned with actually worrying about such a situation.
I'm just saying 👍🏼 -

We think of you ...

I see you walking through a hospital corridor to that appointment you had there at 14:30 pm… very busy.

Since I am almost sure in my heart that you are a good guy, I wish you the life you really want in my experience.

Be the lofty businessman who brings the right parties together at the highest level to give the Company of the Netherlands the right boosts.
The company that collects your above average income for you.

Can you (and I think it is high) have the sober Commonsense to relinquish your position in name?

You have no actual say in Dutch politics.
But you clearly agree with the current state of affairs

And why should we bear the burden of maintaining an institution of which you are the current figurehead?

A socially engaged king of honor, like your ancestors, would have defended his kingdom with his blood.
His subjects were his responsibility.
Any threat, from the outside as well as from the inside, would be brutally crushed.
Political mistakes ... faced hard.

The wall wouldn't fall.

But the wall has fallen.
You have failed in your duties.

You nationals are in danger.
Danger from the outside and from the inside.
I sincerely hope that you are not completely blind that an ever-growing group of your citizens are not happy with the current state of affairs.

Your Majesty, King of the Netherlands,
We, your subjects call you up in our upcoming social struggle, defend your Netherlands.
Defend your Dutch
The country with the inhabitants that you have inherited from your Dear Mothers and Fathers of the Fatherland.

Yours sincerely,
The Netherlands …… I suspect.


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