Major investment firm flees Seattle

Due to the great unrest in Seattle, due to BLM and AntiFa and the associated damage to the commercial sector, Smead Capital Management decides to leave Seattle.

The $ 1.6 billion firm trades troubled Seattle for Phoenix in Arizona.

According to CEO Cole Smead, the choice fell on Phoenix, because despite the higher taxes, the atmosphere and quality of life there is better.

Smead also shared with reporters rumors he heard about more companies leaving the city and that some Seattle office buildings will be vacant by up to 80% by October.

As a result of the riots in various cities, many companies and residents leave the cities and exchange urban life for the Suburbs and the countryside.

This process is accelerated once again because in large Democratic cities the police cannot or cannot intervene to restore order.

Our friend Mark Rutte will enter into a dialogue with these terrorists tomorrow.


Renaissance Horizon - 'Smead Capital Management Flees Seattle'

Dr. Steve Turley - The Death of Liberal Cities in the Post-Riots Age


Appendix: "The future of some cities?"

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