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Major riots in Greece due to even more migrants

The Greeks who live on the Greek islands of Lesbos and Chios are sick and tired of it.

Thanks to mass immigration, the quality of life of the inhabitants has been totally ruined. Their living environment has been attacked by the huge amount of migrants and the overcrowded camps on the islands. (source)

Now the government wants to set up even more refugee camps!

And that was the straw for the population of the two islands. Rightly so! Their house is no longer their own. (source)

Already two nights in a row there have been violent riots on the islands between residents and the police.

The residents throw stones and fire bombs at the security services and attack them with sticks. They want to show how furious they are that their islands are being attacked in this way.

The police reacted with rubber bullets and tear gas to prevent the demonstrators from reaching the place where the new reception centers will be built.

Video of the riots:

A group of civilians burst into the hotel where the police were staying. 

In terms of the wounded, the policemen were worse off than the demonstrators. 50 wounded versus 10 injured demonstrators.

Last year 74.000 new migrants were added to the islands. (source)

The overcrowding of the camps is a major problem. Even migrants who are not satisfied clash with the police and demand better living conditions. (source)

In 2020, more than 100.000 new migrants are expected at the Greek borders.

The Greek government is so desperate for an effective way to fix this that they have built a 2.7km “floating barrier”. It looks like this:

Long live the mass immigration. It destroys everything. It sets countries against each other. It causes national dissatisfaction and fellow countrymen attack each other because of migrants. How did it come to that?

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