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Major riots in reception center migrants Malta

In Malta there were major riots last night in which cars were burned and a police officer was injured.

This happened in Hal Far, in one pack British army barrack near the Maltese airport. 

The reason? The migrants demanded their freedom. A "Drunken immigrant" would have been the instigator of these riots according to the sources of the NOS. He tried to enter the camp by force. A confused man.

This morning the situation was under control again, according to the police.

40 immigrants are said to have been arrested.

The camps are getting fuller and fuller due to the large flow of migrants from Africa and the Middle East. Because the EU welcomes immigrants again, they continue to risk the crossing. Salvini has been dropped off especially for that. He was one be in my way of the globalists.


The flow of migrants also continues in Spain. Future dentists and lawyers are pouring into the country at bushes. What will happen when these educated immigrants see a Spanish woman in a short skirt?


Immediately after the deposition of Salvini, Malta made a deal with Italy about the distribution of these future enrichers of our continent. Yet most of these builders of the future are still in Malta.





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