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Majority of Poles on corona measures: "Enough is enough!"

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Poland says: "Enough is enough!"

Individual anger over the corona restrictions turns into a national protest in Poland.

De majority of Polish citizens oppose the government's decision to extend the national quarantine according to UCE RESEARCH. (source)

Owners are struggling to make ends meet and are starting to open their businesses despite lockdown measures. The number of lawsuits against the state is increasing.

“People are on the verge of exhaustion, even though they often pretend to themselves and others that everything is okay. Keeping people locked up in their homes for a longer period of time also creates all kinds of other problems, such as increased inequality and violence ”, says chief analyst at UCE RESEARCH, Krzysztof Zych. (source)

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The survey also showed that the minority who do support the measures are not very well informed.

On the question: How long should the national quarantine last? most replied: “Until the number of contamination cases decreases sharply. Possible until mid or late February. ”

It is clear how these people are being indoctrinated by the media. If we reason this way, we go into quarantine every winter because of flu viruses.

More worrisome: “The available data clearly shows that supporters of extending lockdown measures are radical. And I'm afraid it will be difficult to convince them to change their mind, ” Mr. Zych says.

Stockholm syndrome. We also see it a lot in our own country. People who develop sympathy for their oppressors. As Sven Hulleman said recently: “What decisions does the government have to take to make them understand that they suffer from Stockholm syndrome? (source)

“The cure cannot be worse than the disease. And that is exactly what we are seeing now. ” - adds Krzysztof Zych. "That's why people are starting to defy lockdown restrictions on an unprecedented scale."

Restaurants and hotels just open their doors

Every day more and more restaurants, bars and guesthouses are announcing that they are opening their doors despite government imposed restrictions.

“If we decide to stay closed, we would go out of business within weeks. We should let all our employees go ”, says Paulina Panek, the owner of Laser Entertainment Center in Zamość.

“We are not waiting any longer. I spoke with the owners of many restaurants in Legionowo today. Everyone is fed up, everyone has families and everyone has the right to work. We have employees for whom we are responsible. ”

U Trzech Braci, a restaurant in the center of Cieszyn, opened on January 8.

"This means you can visit us again and eat in the restaurant like a normal person" - the owners then wrote on Facebook.

Inspectors, accompanied by police officers, came to the restaurant the next day.

Asked to identify themselves, the restaurant's customers declined, singing: "Freedom! Freedom!".


The owners of ski resorts, guesthouses and restaurants in southern Poland demanded that the government lift lockdown restrictions and announced a joint protest. The number of supporters of it is also growing on social media #OtwieraMy (We're Opening) initiative. (source)

This map shows which catering establishments will open as usual and have no regard for the measures, as they should:


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Furthermore, the people already circumvented the measures en masse.

Pubs had to close? No problem. You can rent them as an office space and have a beer. (source)

Gyms and swimming pools remain closed to the public? All of a sudden it is popular for onetriathlete license - all it takes is an app, 100 złoty, and a medical certificate.

Clubs closed their doors? It depends on who's knocking - one of the biggest clubs in Warsaw is throwing a party this weekend and sending invitations to its regular guests.

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What about hotels? One of the hotels in Władysławowo was recently booked for 300 people. The owner explained that the guests were preparing for a chess tournament. Vacation in the mountains? You've got it. Ski areas closed? Not when everyone is sledging. (source)

Additional sources:,173236,26683773,enough-is-enough-struggling-to-make-ends-meet-ever-more.html

Moral of this story?

Don't respect the rules. Don't care about the people who call you everything and who are scared on the couch at home. Ridiculate and ignore. Open that tent. All together.

We live to live and not to avoid dying. Take up your life and do whatever you want. You have every right. Let the outgoing mark rutte drop proverbially to death. He has already lost his capital letters. Marcel van Tol took it off yesterday, together with that of Hugo de Jonge in his beautiful column:



No corona without measures: All misery for 128 corona deaths




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