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Man goes shopping in underwear in protest against closure of 'non-essential' stores

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Clothing non-essential?

In Wales since Friday a two-week lockdown busy.

Stores are currently not allowed to sell 'non-essential' products. Clothing is also included, but this man does not agree.

Christopher Noden went to one in Wales Tescosupermarket in Newport.

Because the government has stores forbidden om non-essential To sell products, certain districts are there locked and shelving covered.

This includes books, bed linen, shoes, toys and electrical appliances, as well as clothing.

Noden arrived at the entrance of the supermarket with a shopping trolley and mouth mask, but only dressed in socks and a boxer shorts.

He was in the company of a woman who was everything filmed. But immediately at the entrance he became stopped.

"Let him in, clothes are non-essential according to your shop," says the woman filming.

"That is not possible, he is not dressed properly," the duo is told by the guard.

He says, after a short discussion, that they should complain to the government.

"So clothes are essential in everyday life, right?" The guard confirms.

'Yes of course.'

The couple then left and posted the video online. They want to protest against the ban to buy things that are considered non-essential by the government stamped. According to them, their point has now been made clear.


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