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Mandatory masks are NOT legally possible

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We wrote that earlier Amsterdam and Rotterdam will oblige face masks.

Shut up, muzzle on, keep your distance and curfew is approaching from Antwerp if it is up to a number of people. When we hear our Minister of Medical Care Tamara van Ark, you notice that these people are capable of anything.

For inexplicable reasons, many fellow citizens also agree with this policy as well. We kindly ask these people to reconsider their opinion.

But can such a thing be introduced by law?

Do you have to pay the fines?

It is very crisp and clear.

Wim Voermans, professor of constitutional and administrative law at Leiden University:

"The mouth mask obligation is in violation of Article 10 of the Dutch Constitution"

“All colleagues agree: this is not possible. You cannot say: we are now putting the Constitution aside. This is really not allowed. That Constitution protects precisely against this kind of necessity thinking and administrative interventions. ”

The Dutch do not have to be intimidated by fines.

"It won't hold up for the judge!", according to Wim Voermans

Adriaan Wierenga also says that the mayors of the two major cities intend to do something that cannot be done. Adriaan Wierenga is an emergency law specialist at the University of Groningen.

"Then you will deviate from the constitution and that is not allowed"

"The mouth mask obligation is a dress code and thus infringes privacy.", says Wierenga.

“Or the mayors choose to impose the duty and will face a lot of resistance from next week. Or they say: this is not the best plan. I really hope for the latter. ”

Jan Brouwer, professor of Law and Society at the University of Groningen, is astonished at this bizarre face mask obligation:

“Mandatory wearing of a mouth mask is not legally possible”

“This is an indirect means of changing behavior; that is simply not allowed. ”

"You may deviate from the law with an emergency ordinance, but not from the Constitution." , said Brouwer.

The sources include….The NOS and the NRC.

Article 10 of the Constitution is clear (see bottom of this article).

No mask required in the Netherlands. Forget it!

Then that has been settled and the logical next question is whether those 10.000+ insane fines between € 390 and € 4.000 for the violation of the bizarre freedom-robbing one and a half meter rule will last.

How can it be justified to have to pay € 390 for keeping your distance? Deprivation of liberty without any evidence that the measure is effective.

This government makes people in need pay hefty sums for an insane measure. You could hardly say that.

Are all these corona measures not completely against our fundamental rights? And that criminal record that is being spread to everyone?

And our southern neighbors? Belgium? Where even a curfew is instituted in addition to the mouth mask obligation? (source)

We are surprised that top lawyers, especially from political parties, do not provide clear advice and do not inform and support citizens. It could have helped so much. Especially since we know that people are very keen to change this in the constitution. (source)

But now…

Listen carefully to what is said here during a mouth cap meeting ...



In the article of Jens van Kakerken says the following quote:

“The security regions are still discussing local measures "Influence people's behavior."

Influencing people's behavior?

We took a closer look at what else Tamara van Ark, Minister of Medical Care had to say. Even though we knew what this plan was about from the start, you still don't believe your ears and eyes.

Tamara van Ark, our Minister of Medical Care during a press conference:

“From the safety council, there was a broad request for local customization aimed at influencing behavior, so not so much medically related, but aimed at influencing behavior in order to thoroughly examine that set of instruments. And also to see: What would you experiment with. ”




Those conspiracy thinkers ... (if only we had listened ...)

You heard right.

Our Minister of Health, Tamara van Ark, is calling here with dry eyes in front of the camera to manipulate our behavior. A crime against humanity and also outside of her field (as long as she has any knowledge of the matter. It was "her turn"). This is not medically related.

Influencing behavior serves a completely different agenda.

"Local customization aimed at influencing behavior, so not very medically related." “Behavioral influence”

This is our Minister of Medical Care! And she wants to manipulate our behavior. Influencing with mouth masks.

Our Minister of Medical care want to experiment with "A non-medically oriented set of instruments."

She further states that the one and a half meter measure is not fun but very important and the most effective measure.

Where does she get that from? How does she substantiate this?

These people clearly want to go our way. Let citizens change their behavior, initially on a trial basis, so that their new normal is imprinted on it.

In fact, she openly admits that mouth masks are here to change our behavior.

She does not comment on the medical side. The consequences of wearing such a facemask remain undiscussed.

Reason? That may be clear. Obedience. Check. To frighten and thus manipulate our behavior.

A “treatment” that has nothing to do with a virus, medical care or in any other way serves the interests of the citizen. It's about manipulating our behavior.

These Tamara van Ark already have to answer for a court if justice is done.

Who is not yet awake ... Then you simply do not want to face the truth. These people are radical and have no heart.

The citizen really has a lot of sticks to hit. It is to be hoped that the constitution is clear to all and that one realizes that one no longer has to fear standing up to this total madness.

You no longer have to be intimidated with fines because restricting your freedom is also not allowed under the constitution.

It is hoped that one will find each other.

That all awake people from all walks of life meet and get up together to put an end to this once and for all total madness.

Article 10 of the Constitution:



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