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Marc van Ranst doesn't get the point

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Marc van Ranst doesn't get the point

People like Marc van Ranst are people who only care about themselves and their own interests and act accordingly. 

We are all familiar with these types of people in our environment. They are people who never take criticism or hold up a mirror to themselves. They act from their big ego and because they have little or no empathy, they go to great lengths to achieve their goal. They want to feel important. They enjoy it when people look up to them.

When they are criticized, they become mean. Then reasonableness no longer counts and critics are showered with unsubstantiated tirades.

When these types of people are placed in a certain position of power by bosses, they become dangerous. They usually overestimate themselves. Their power ends when someone else in the power pyramid decides.

That they act on their enormous ego that became clear once again on Twitter in recent days. He got mad at the BPOC2020 and is going full throttle.

But Marc van Rants doesn't get the point: People don't listen to Marc van Rants, people want to see Marc van Rants' head roll.

What happened?

The BPOC2020 (Extra-parliamentary Commission of Inquiry) has announced that it will work with colleagues internationally to file a complaint with the ICC (The International Criminal Court).

They are suing for “torture and crimes against humanity committed in concert.”, against the (outgoing) cabinet and individual responsible parties. (source)

This does not only happen in the Netherlands. This is happening in countries worldwide and Van Ranst knows that he also belongs to those responsible that they, and especially that all awake people, are after.

As mentioned, these people only care about themselves, have a big ego and act accordingly. You can predict exactly how these people will react in certain situations.

Outside Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry

Van Ranst starts his own smear campaign against the BPOC. These pose a threat to him.

He does his own “research” into the donations that the BPOC2020 receives. They would go into a private account….good. Read the Tweets.

His goal is to dismiss the BPOC2020 as fake and as “a commission that takes poor people's money”.

BPOC2020 responded as follows:

“The Belgian virologist Marc van Ranst has made libelous and defamatory statements on Twitter regarding the BPOC2020.”

“The BPOC2020 will not accept any attack on its honor and reputation. One of the lawyers of the BPOC2020 has this summons sent to mr. van Ranst.” (source)

The Commission has not commented further. sensible.

However, Van Ranst, as if stung by a wasp, acting from his big ego, spends 11 tweets in one day, some of his Tweets consisting of 4 parts, to show that he is above all not afraid of the lawyers and the BPOC.

No, Marc the rest is the same.

To make that clear, Marc sent out 28 tweets in an hour and at least 5 tweets in total on June 11th to indicate that he is dead calm and of course our Marc is always right.

He even retweets his own tweets:


Marc will continue to honk into the world to, this time, burn down the BPOC. This one does the same with anyone who criticizes things that don't match his wet dream.

But Marc doesn't get the point.

The people who donate to the BPOC2020 only want one thing: They want to see heads roll. Also the head of Marc van Ranst.

They are the same people who would rather spend and donate their money to free media, civic initiatives and renowned personalities who do care about humanity and who go against this hell on earth than to nonsense projects, the MSM and the fraudulent “charities”.

If they once bump into the lamp with donations, it will be swallowing, but their goal remains the same. They want justice.

Marc, they want to see your head roll.

They are not poor people who are cheated of their last money. There are multitudes of people who contribute. Often small but many little bits… They are people who see that money has no value at all if nothing is done about this crime against humanity in which you also participate.

And these people you are not going to change your mind. Whatever you Tweet.

These people are awake, they have, if only partially, because of what is going on here and they will do everything and use all legal means to fight, among others, you and all others responsible for this created crisis and want you to justice so that you will be punished for your actions.

You proudly gave a presentation in 2019 on how to create a pandemic but especially how to mislead humanity.


Only you don't seem to take into account during that presentation that there is always a large group that, despite all the deception to which everyone is sensitive, is critical and does not get carried away by figures like you, the media, the governments and everything and everyone contribute to these crimes.

That group is bigger than you thought and can and will only grow.

Because people are usually naturally good gullibles who can't believe that people are so thoroughly bad and want the worst for you, it seems like the whole country is obediently following your kind and supporting you. That only a handful, whom you think you would describe without discussion as wappies or conspiracy theorists, actually see what is happening.

But sleeping humans often only need one snap of the fingers to see through what your species is up to. And it's very sad, but because you don't give a damn about your fear campaigns (which never materialize, by the way) and go that far, people are going to understand the hard way. Like the sad case of Lisette Verhoeven (source)

This case will be anything but a case in itself and that will become painfully clear in the near future.

Every human being with a heart will eventually turn against you. Once you've been seen, you won't be caught again. And that group is naturally growing.

They will realize that there is no “pandemic” in the numbers for the past 500-plus days. Nothing. So all the consequences of the measures and the forced vaccines… have been for nothing! Do you know what that means when that realization gets through to the rest of the population? Whew… Yes you know but it will be worse than in your nightmares.

And people who have suffered through your criminal propaganda and lost people as a result will go very far. Beyond the group of people who are still trying to stop you through legal means.

So dear Marc, whatever you shout, except for the 5% woke figures, nobody has any interest in you as a person.

The uninformed man does not know you. You don't have to be the awake person. The figures that follow you don't want anyone and they don't want anyone themselves. Same sheet a suit.

Few people care about tweets from van Ranst. Belgium's top virologist.


His only hope is that this house of cards does not collapse so that he can remain in a position where he feels power.

Not a real guy who fights for his national interest but portrayed as a tool, as a puppet for power-hungry people to whom you have sold your soul.

His place is never safe because if you become too unbelievable you will be replaced and forgotten within a week. Another will take the place to deceive the people. It's actually pretty pathetic, wouldn't it be so serious.

Save all that effort and consider becoming a sincere person. Because this house of cards is collapsing. And then nobody wants to be called Marc van Rants.

His tweets:

And then scroll down a bit… And the tirades begin.


Dear people who have emailed us with questions, we are a bit behind and will answer asap.

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