Marc van Ranst? How do you feel now?

We will assume that the Jürgen Coning story is correct.

Marc van Ranst

So, Marc. How does that feel? Locked up at home with your family? In a lockdown with your wife and children in a state of fear?

How do you feel after what you did to your own family by putting your own ego, vanity, and lies above the safety of your own family?

Because that you lie that you burst, every time, you are fully aware of that. You even give training in it.

There is now an armed soldier looking for you. He will probably shoot you if he meets you, God forbid, because we want a fair trial for everyone and see you in jail.

Now you're locked up yourself. Very painful for your family. The threats also came from the Netherlands, did we hear you moaning recently? The threats to people like you come from all over the world.

There are a lot of people who wish you dead. We're not saying anything new here, nothing threatening. We read this everywhere on social media and we hear in our environment and we do not like politically correct bullshit.

How does that feel? How do you explain to your family why daddy is so hated?

Do you realize that people are waking up more and more and that you can explain later, with images that will never disappear as proof, what you have done to the country and the people?

How do you sell a pandemic?

Here you were in 2019, even before corona, with your talk about how to sell a pandemic and put people in a state of fear.

You explain exactly how you use the media and put it in your pocket, you admit it triumphantly. You are teaching a lesson in popular deception here and public. With a smile that people are now disgusted with. There are no words to properly describe what kind of person you are. But they are negative words. Because what happens after this glorious presentation of yours?

You even performed it!

Thanks to you, a large part of the Belgians are completely brainwashed, sit at home in fear and you have destroyed your country with lies. Exactly as you described yourself beforehand. You stood there proud as a peacock. What do you consider yourself good.

Shall we listen to what you had to say back then?


Look at all those faces in the room. All icy expressionless faces. Your people. The bubble you live in.

But you are mistaken. Because because you cannot penetrate that bubble and are used to the media and politicians solving everything for you, you think you are untouchable.

But you've been poking at the wrong wasp's nest. You now come to the real population. The people who understand very well what is going on here.

That will be your luck in the short term because most people who see through it are not violent and many have yet to wake up.

But that group is getting bigger and bigger and cannot shrink. The group of sincere and genuine experts who revolt is also growing. Worldwide. You're not the only virologist willing to skin people on this planet, so don't rate yourself too highly.

In a slightly longer term you will end up with a country full of people who will hate you to the bone. Do you know a little about the history?

Critical people are often good people. Not people who just take up arms and throw bricks through your window day in and day out and threaten your family, like the always protected left-wing extremist Antifa does. But they are protected by the media and governments because they may still need them (see America). That is why Rutte was obliged to talk to BLM. (source)

But not with us. Rutte does not talk to the people.

They come for you

This group of awake people is getting bigger and bigger and you can no longer shut up. 

It's happening worldwide and there's no leader of that group to take you out for a while so it's over.

A mass is emerging who know that they are right on their side, have a great sense of justice and know that there is a better alternative for this world than to continue with this corrupt system, this Lügenpresse and people posing as virologists and toasts on every “virus death” so that their plans can go ahead. All we have to do is disable the instruments to paralyze the very richest and most powerful. In other words, The Useful Idiots.


What people like you have done to us and our children and still want to do to us is not to be forgiven or forgotten.

You have come up with predictions and fear scenarios that have terrified people. Predictions that never came true and never will come true. But the people believed in it. Trusted you.

How your life has been ruined by people who wanted to live peacefully in their last phase of life. How you tore families apart. How you have destroyed people's lives, wrecked the economy and helped make people feel raped by making them do things they don't want to do. By humiliating them to "influence their behavior" such as keeping their distance and putting on muzzles. For nothing.

And all that for? Nothing! No more deaths than previous years. Nowhere in the world. With or without lockdown. With or without measures. It's purely FAKE. And you know it. Nobody notices a pandemic. Only the streets with mouth caps and crazy rules should remind us of the invisible enemy.

It's not from a lab. It's not from China. It comes from your heads. That's what many scientists are saying. Other scientists are taking into account that it may be a mixture of a virus released from a lab in combination with the flu, which could be. We'll find out on our own. But it doesn't change your crimes.

You are not going to distract us by blaming China. No no. You are those culprits!

And you, van Ranst, know exactly how to manipulate the masses and you are proud of it too.

Then you implemented those plans and showed others how to do the same with their population.

You are guilty of numerous criminal offenses against humanity. People don't forget that.

As mentioned, your temporary luck is that the people who see through it are generally the common people and not violent by nature.

But you already have a soldier after you.

And you can bet that there are a lot of people who will not shed a tear if something happens to you. In fact, the champagne opens.

You are not a petty criminal who can do penance and try to rebuild his life. You are a criminal of the order of magnitude who stood before the Nuremberg tribunal and were convicted between 1945 and 1946.

Rest assured, you're not the only virologist they come for. In the Netherlands they also pull out the whiskey when a 4-year-old girl has the Mexican flu. If the child dies, she will be a big worry.

Watch Ab Osterhaus celebrate an infection of a 4-year-old child with his Devilish colleagues. Watch the jubilation.

Jurgen Conings

Now Jürgen Conings comes for you. Yes, he will probably kill you if he meets you.

God forbid, we want to see you in court and locked up. But not everyone will think that way.

Why people have so much sympathy for Jurgen has nothing to do with the extreme left or the extreme right. They are people from all walks of life. Housewives, loving fathers, grandparents, black people, white people, gays, straights. They don't want you and again, that group continues to grow.

Is there still no light that you might have to look for it yourself?

The media

And then the media that have become so dangerous for society that people feel compelled to oppose this with an honest voice.

And then the true nature comes out.

They have the same psychopathic attitude as Marc van Ranst. Not being able to look at themselves in the mirror and see if they might be doing something wrong themselves. No. Collect the blame. Largely on INNOCENT citizens.

What do they do?

Directly labeling Jürgen Conings as far right.

We are all against the far right. Even against the extreme left. Against all extremes.

But what matters is why you label him “far right”. You do this to silence and endanger your compatriots by indirectly labeling them too Extremely right sticking them up when they have criticisms.

Because what makes Jürgen so far right?

What is the definition of the extreme right for the media?

Is he for a dictatorship? No, that's exactly why he passed out. He wants to live in freedom with his family.

Does he have a thing for National Socialism? Does he have any sympathies for Hitler? Never heard of it and very unlikely.

After all the misery he has seen in the world because of his profession and experiencing what it is like to live in a totalitarian society and then see that your own government and these kind of virologists are rolling out the same plan, people like Jurgen hit through the stops. And this will happen more. That's why the media clubbers prepared for far-right attacks as the protesters march with LGBT flags. The opponents really come from all corners of society.

Is Jürgen then for a totalitarian system or is he a racial hater? That is not really clear from his letter. The media spins it like that. Without substantiation.

A right-wing extremist serving the country as a soldier until the day he disappeared?

And then the media complains that they are being attacked and "can't do their job". The truth is that they are not doing their job and after years of patience the bomb explodes and people are driving the media away for taking the blood from the nails of the citizens. We are getting more threats because we have to right what you fail at. Conscious in failure. We inform. You dictate.

The only absurd arguments that he would be "far right" is because of cartoons and criticism towards Sihame El Kaouakibi.

And that's where the monkey comes in, because if you criticize someone with such a surname then you are a racist, extreme right and all media try to press that label on their own critical people as well. At least, if it suits her. The media is so wrong about this war. Shame on you.

Order here!

But who is Sihame El Kaouakibi

Sihame El Kaouakibi is a Belgian politician, youth rights activist and involved in a fraud scandal. She was founder in 2009 and until 2021 director of the former city and dance project Let's Go Urban (LGU) and was awarded in 2014 by crack elected as one of the ten most influential immigrant Belgians. In 2019 she was elected as a Member of Parliament for Open-VLD in the Flemish Parliament.

In March 2021 she was accused of fraud with subsidy money.

El Kaouakibi is said to have used almost 1 million euros for its own interest, of which almost half a million in grant money and almost half a million from private investors.

At the beginning of February 2021, Annemie Moens was appointed as provisional administrator of Let's Go Urban. Her preliminary report at the end of March speaks of “organized deception” and “invented” invoices. She expresses the suspicion “that, certainly in recent years, financial gain for Ms El Kaouakibi and the companies associated with her has been paramount.” (source)

Whether her name is Truus or Sihame El Kaouakibi. This is a scammer. And we all get very angry with such people.

When in the Netherlands Aboutaleb introduces mask duties against our fundamental rights, then we will all become very angry with him. Not because he's Moroccan. But because he goes beyond the bounds of the law and feels above the law.

No guilt, no conscience, no empathy

What applies to van Ranst also applies to the media, politicians and the other fake virologists who finish an agenda or a script.

All do not have the capacity to blame themselves for even one second.

The media go along with the story that Jurgen is far right and are clearly, time and again, busy labeling people with common sense, normal citizens asking fair questions, normal critical people.

They want to make the sheep believe that people who are critical and who can think for themselves are extreme right-wingers in order to create a climate that makes people fight each other.

Yes, then you can see a wrecked NOS car and then as a FAKE journalist you can run into the wrong one. People are not going to take it. What do you think?

It turns out so nicely that Jurgen is a bald military man with a lot of tattoos for the media. Ideal photos for the press to place the stereotypical image of an extreme right-wing man over and over again.

But it doesn't work as easily as they used to. The support group had about 50.000 members leden 'As 1 man behind Jürgen' on Facebook in a few days. Of course, Facebook removed this.

Oh, and Google has now also openly launched an attack on “dissidents”. Here's what we're getting right now:


Google search results are hilarious when you search for certain things. Really switch to DuckDuckGo or any other search engine because Google has become a propaganda machine and their algorithm is set up for that.

And to prevent governments from blocking certain websites for you, such as Denmark recently blocked Bitchute over “corona lies”, please buy a VPN for those few euros per month.

PIA is an excellent VPN that takes privacy very seriously. We receive a small commission when selling PIA VPNs and we stand behind their way of working. It helps us further. But at least get one, even if it's elsewhere.

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For Android?

Why VPN?

Politicians, fake journalists and everyone else responsible:

It is for you to hope that you see in time how this will end for you as a person. Not the big plan. Your own lives. What they will look like after the masses realize you.

I would advise any politician, virologist or expert to come clean now and ring the bell. If not, the consequences are a natural process and are not good for you. And you guys are the smiling third and are looking for other useful idiots.

Also keep in mind that a tribunal is being prepared that we have news about this weekend.

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Keep your paws off us and our children!

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