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Marine Le Pen has a serious chance

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Opinion researchers see a neck-and-neck race with Macron

Even the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung was worth a shocked headline:

"Why Marine Le Pen Could Become President", the newspaper headlined Tuesday.

Background is current opinion polls, which see the chairwoman of the right-wing National Assembly (RN) in a vigorous catch-up hunt for incumbent President Macron. At the moment, the pollsters even consider a neck-and-neck race between Macron and Le Pen likely.


There are several reasons for this. On the one hand, Marine Le Pen has now said goodbye to the former goal of an EU exit and is now focusing more on strengthening the French economy. Added to this is her consistent opposition to Islam - the radical "Islamists", who in recent months have been making headlines over and over again through bloody attacks, she declared "all-out war". Apart from the choice of words, which is not unknown in France, this is a position that does find a connection among many French people.

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Translation: EJSource


EJBron often translates foreign news reports. Definitely worth a visit.

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