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Mark Rutte - A useful idiot

Mark Rutte: The useful idiot.

After being manipulated, indoctrinated and lied to by politicians and press for 9 years is this “president of the Netherlands” so incredibly stupid and naive to say this. A clear underestimation and contempt of the people. He really says it. It doesn't matter much whether you believe in climate religion or not.

Under Rutte's policy many people have gone mad in this madness. Everyone has a number of climate lovers in the family nowadays. And then this. He really does not notice that there are more and more people in the Netherlands WEL to be awake.

The climate problem according to Rutte is therefore especially good because of the economic opportunities that lie ahead. And the 1000 billion that we are going to spend that are laid down in a law? Those bizarre climate laws that we must obsessively comply with? All for the great opportunities for us, Mark? And for whom?

Wake up!

A video full of fallacies from a puppet. A pull doll from the EU and Soros & co.

See this speech full of fallacies to mask globalization, images of the globalist From the Leyen and a refreshing ending with Donald Trump.

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