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Mark Rutte donates 325.000.000 to Bill Gates, WHO and Unicef ​​for “immunization”

UPDATE: Video is now subtitled.

... but no EU leader wants to know about real cheap solutions.

NineforNews report:

During the Global Vaccine Summit, $ 8,8 billion was raised on Thursday for GAVI, a partnership of, among others, Bill Gates, the WHO and Unicef. This partnership aims to play a major role in the development of a corona vaccine.

World leaders threw up pre-chewed texts and told how much money they will deposit in the GAVI greenhouse. Our own Prime Minister Mark Rutte, who regularly meets with Gates, also spoke.

Rutte announced that the Dutch government will transfer hundreds of millions - of your money - to GAVI in the coming years.

Oh yes… France pays only 250.000.000 euros ...

"GAVI plays a key role in the coronary response by ensuring that every future vaccine is accessible and affordable," said Rutte. "I am pleased to announce that the Netherlands will make 2021 million euros available to GAVI between 2030 and 325." said Mark Rutte



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